I was so wrong when I thought shopping for a water bottle is as easy as grocery shopping.

As a first-time mummy, I never thought buying a water bottle for my baby can be a tricky matter too. The first bottle I bought for baby Asher was not suitable for him. The sippy straw was not comfortable for Asher, and there was a slight leakage everywhere. I first thought it was just an adjustment period for Asher to learn how to use a sippy straw cup but turns out that was not the case. I had to go shopping a few times just to find the right bottle for Asher. Thankfully, I have found the one that works well for my baby!

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Baby Asher enjoying his sippy straw bottle!

Types of material (BPA Free, heat resistance) and sustainability were the factors that I was watching out for. Most mummies would have known by now that most bottles were made using polypropylene (PP) and polyphenyl sulfone (PPSU). However, bottles made using such materials were recommended to be replaced every 3-6 months because it degrades faster. This eventually leads to more waste to the environment and is not an ideal cost-effective approach as well for the long run. So if your concerns are the same as mine, you need to check out Evoire Sippy Straw Water Bottle!

Evorie Tritan™ Gravity Straw 360 Sippy Cup Water Bottle

This is Asher’s favorite water bottle and he’s been drinking lots of water since the introduction of this bottle. It’s easy for Asher to use independently and the Innovative 360° gravity straw allows for multi-angle drinking. There’s an integrated anti-leak valve as well to prevent leakage. I especially love the fact that it’s wide neck so it’s hassle-free to clean up too! It comes with replacement straws for you to change as well! If you’re environmentally conscious like me, Evorie will be good for you as it’s more environmentally friendly. Evorie’s sippy cup water bottle was also awarded Australia-designed  “Good Design Award” Gold Award winner.

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Asher drinking independent with Evoire’s water bottle

Here are some other products that I love from Evorie and why I love these products!

Evorie Tritan™ Wide Neck Baby Milk Feeding Bottle

BPA and BPS are Free. Evoire’s feeding bottles also come with Anti-colic features that reduce colic. Most bottles started to turn yellowish after a period of using them. However, Evorie’s feeding bottle can retain 90% of clarity even after hundreds of washes! Unlike the usual PP or PPSU materials, Evorie’s bottles were made using Tritan™, a sturdy bisphenol A (BPA) free plastic widely used in homeware, appliances, and medical equipment. The qualities of TritanTM enable Evorie to make bottles that look like glass (ultra-clear, stain, and scratch resistant) and yet are not as fragile and heavy as glass. Tritan™ are also thicker and more durable, hence less plastic waste!

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Tritan™ material Glass-like material for Evorie Bottle

Baby Asher is currently using Evorie’s milk bottle as well for his milk feed. For more sustainability,  Evoire also supplies handles and straw add-ons to be used on the wide-necked bottles for long-term and efficient usage as your baby grows!

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Baby Asher enjoying milk in his Evoire’s milk bottle!

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Evorie’s handle and straw add-ons for wide neck feeding bottle

Evorie Premium Cotton Dry Baby Wipes

Another product that had my heart was this Dry Baby Wipes. It’s soft and comfortable, gentle and lint-free! You can get it when necessary too! I usually use this to freshen up Asher after his playtime, especially after our outdoor session! I sneak in for my own usage to remove my makeup as well. Both adult and baby friendly!

Mummy's Choice! Evorie Cannot Be Missed Out For My Baby!

Evorie Premium Cotton Dry Baby Wipes

Evorie has been using Tritan™since 2016 to manufacture their feeding bottles which went through strict quality, design, and chemical safety tests with European EN14350³ which is one of the strictest safety standards for drinking equipment for children under the age of 4. 

I highly recommend mummies out there to give Evorie products a try for your little ones! I’m sure that having peace of mind about the safety and health of our children will make your parenthood journey more fulfilling!

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