What’s one of the things that take up the majority of your time when it comes to handling a baby?

When I enter motherhood, I constantly find myself spending my time feeding, pumping, and also cleaning. I will always find myself heading to the kitchen right after my pumping or feeding session because I need to wash those milk bottles and pumping accessories. 

I used to love cleaning up the dishes after dinner and willingly do it for my family, However, I was surprised when I found myself finding it a chore when it comes to cleaning my baby’s milk bottle. It’s not that I dread motherhood but the chore of cleaning every 2 hours makes me feel really tired and dreadful. It can also be so time-consuming trying to scrub out all the milk residue or remains in the bottles. Frankly speaking, I have lost count of how many brushes I tried in order to find the best bottle cleansing brush that works well for me.

When I received the Ezpz Cleaning essentials, I wasn’t giving much thought to it. The first thing that caught my eye was actually the Mushroom Sponge! It was really the shape of a mushroom and I was wondering how to use it.

Use Ezpz Drying Mat To Help Dry & Store All Of Your Baby's Essentials

Ezpz Mushroom Sponge

Before the Ezpz cleansing essential set was introduced to me, I was using the usual typical traditional sponge to clean up the nipple teats as well as the baby’s bowl and utensils. With its heavy usage of it, it didn’t feel hygienic at all as water trapped inside can cause bacterial growth. It also has an unpleasant odor. The bottle sponge I was using was not very ideal and practical as well as its wear and tear way too fast! Hence,  I was also contributing to more waste as I have to keep replacing the sponge as well as the bottle brushes.

After putting it to the test just once, I knew this cleansing essential is going to save me! At least I won’t feel that bottle cleaning is a chore now because I can see how it would benefit me in just one trial!

Ezpz cleansing essentials come with a bottle brush, and mushroom sponge as well as the drying pack that comes with removable pegs! They were made from non-porous silicone, which inhibits bacterial growth and stinky smells! This would also mean that I could contribute less waste with the reduced need to constantly replace my bottle brushes and cleaning sponge.

Use Ezpz Drying Mat To Help Dry & Store All Of Your Baby's Essentials

Ezpz cleaning bundle

What I love about the bottle brush and mushroom sponge is that it also comes with a suction base. I can just have it on the countertop or just stick it to the wall right away so I can put it away easily! I prefer sticking it to the wall in my sink area. Saves space, is easily accessible and retrieved when I need to use it, and simply, I can leave it there to just air dry it!

Use Ezpz Drying Mat To Help Dry & Store All Of Your Baby's Essentials

Mushroom Sponge Sticking On Wall At Sink Area

The bristles of both mushroom sponge and bottle sponge were really soft yet effective in scrubbing away food and debris. It’s so soft that I knew it was not going to scratch any surfaces too! Both of its handles were sturdy and easy to grip as well!

The drying rack comes with removable pegs so I can easily arrange it according to how I need it to best dry my baby’s essentials. Most importantly, it looks aesthetic as well! Cleaning and drying this mat is also made easy with the mushroom sponge!

Use Ezpz Drying Mat To Help Dry & Store All Of Your Baby's Essentials

Drying baby’s essentials on Ezpz drying mat!

For mummies who are struggling with how to make cleaning baby’s products easier for you, I do strongly recommend this set of Ezpz cleaning bundles! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! Saves time, and space and honestly, it makes me fall in love with washing dishes again because I can definitely use this for cleaning all my utensils and cutleries; feeling at ease I can reduce waste as well with less need to replace the brushes and sponges!

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