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When you write for us, you will inspire and motivate women to live and lead their healthiest, happiest and holistic lives on a platform that promotes and celebrates what it is to be a woman. We want to hear their stories, experiences, and voices that make each woman unique.

Our Content

Our content represents a diversity of viewpoints and we support body-positivity and sex-positivity, women’s equality, women’s right to choose, and feminism in our everyday lives. We support women being their best selves.

Our Tone

Content is written in a professional, encouraging, upbeat, optimistic, friendly, and open-minded manner. Stories are written with a positive spin, and as friends giving advice, in the know, but not know-it-alls.

Our Purpose

Ladies Club Singapore aims to promote diverse viewpoints, voices, and perspectives through the people and stories we cover.

Topics We Love

  • Actionable, simple life tips
  • Original beauty tips and tutorials
  • Easy, delicious recipes
  • Shopping guides
  • Eating guides
  • Everyday health and fitness tips
  • Insightful personal¬†stories and experiences

Content Guidelines

  1. Content must be original and you own the rights to
  2. Please provide sources for all your info and facts
  3. Content must include images, which you must own the rights to them, or attributed to the source
  4. Images must be high-resolution and be at least 1280 pixels wide
  5. Submission of an article does not guarantee it will be published on Ladies Club Singapore. We will reach out to you if we’d like to publish your story.

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