Our Partners

The global pandemic outbreak has hit small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and SMEs is one of the economic pillars of the country.

The Ladies Cue “Our Partners” is designed to support as many SMEs and entrepreneurs as possible. Together, we will support and create cross-cultural marketing via our digital platforms to grow together!


Mao Tai Prince

Made from the same water source and grain as Kweichow Moutai, through a shorter distillation period. The Prince is a fresher, lighter and more delicate variation of Moutai. Defined by its fresh and sweet aroma of apple and pear, Prince is mellow in flavour, retaining the complexity of its older sibling. Moutai Prince aged 4 yr in the cell. Making its taste profile very close to Flying Fairy but without the price tag. Its sweet and smoky aroma is strong and the finishing of chocolaty is distinct. Best to drink neat, on the ball or as a Moutai highball.


KIVIE is one of China’s leading manufacturers of lingerie and underwear.  With “KIVIE’s Love for A Comfortable and Free Life” as R&D philosophy, the Company is dedicated to global female health undertakings. “KIVIE Fashion” as design philosophy, the Company makes innovations on diversified new lingerie products and has been dedicated to designing the new generation of healthy and protective intimate wear that is free from restriction, pressure, and formaldehyde.

Standing on high quality, KIVIE has been making perfection more perfect and seeking new breakthroughs for bra products. With excellent quality, the Company has been industrially leading and is expanding globally. Presently, KIVIE is an underwear brand with several patented technologies and is regarded as a leading brand within the wireless bra industry.

SquareFixed Photography

SquareFixed Photography is created to help people to express themselves, by capturing their personalities into pictures so you can improve your branding and showcase who you really are to the people you want. If you like such photography style and you want to increase your brand awareness in regards to yourself or your business, SquareFixed is the right photographer for you! 


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