As a mom, I’m sure that all our wish is for our child(ren) to be healthy and strong. But as our child grows and weans off from breastmilk or formula, they may not get sufficient vitamins and minerals, especially in situations where our child(ren) has completely weaned off from milk.

Nutrition plays a crucial and vital role in our well-being, especially for our young ones. Having a good foundation for their growing body is important to help them build a healthy body. As much as we try to encourage our child(ren) to eat healthily, I’m sure it is not a foreign situation to all moms that sometimes, we may just have fussy eaters or in situations where food allergies may hinder our little ones from having the essential nutrients that they need. Hence, supplements is actually recommended by many health sectors to make sure your little ones have sufficient nutrients for their growing body.

Choosing Supplements For Your Child - MadeFrom Vitamin C Gummies

Kids Eating MadeFrom Vitamin C Gummies

To have a healthy body definitely means having strong immunity. We can’t avoid and protect our kids from virus or bacteria attacks at all times. But what we can do as parents, is to make sure our little ones have a strong health foundation for a great immunity boost so their body is able to have a good defense system!

Choosing Supplements For Your Child - MadeFrom Vitamin C Gummies

Kids enjoying MadeFrom Vitamin C Gummies

It is well known to many that vitamin C plays a crucial role in our body’s immunity. It plays a crucial role in repairing body cells and strengthening our immunity. However, do you know our body can’t produce vitamin C on its own? The only way to have vitamin C is through our diet. Hence as a mom myself, it is essential for me to make sure my little ones have the proper supplements to build their immunity. With so many types of vitamins on the shelf, it is good to know how to choose the supplements that are best for your little ones.

Mummies out there, you can consider Vitamin C gummies supplements from MadeFrom. Why? Simply because it’s a food-based supplement with only natural ingredients that’s only from the land and not labs. The best part of it is if your child(ren) is asking for candies, use this as a healthier ‘snack’ option!

Choosing Supplements For Your Child - MadeFrom Vitamin C Gummies

Vitamin C Gummies from MadeFrom

MadeFrom is a premium food-based supplement brand that approaches nourishments in a way that is simple, healthy and fun. Their vitamin C gummies are also free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, with no traces of glucose syrup, palm oil and other additives.

Choosing supplements for your little ones is important. As much as supplements promise to be filled with high percentages of vitamins, our body needs to have the ability to absorb the vitamins as well. Since these vitamin C gummies are made from natural ingredients, it is easier for our bodies to absorb the best of them!

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