As a new mom, one of the hardest things that I faced was deciding on the type of carrier that will be suitable for my baby. I’m sure that many mommies out there will be considered quite a few factors when it comes to selecting baby items because ultimately, we will want the best for our child(ren) right? Yet, it is also a must to consider our personal needs.

My husband’s work requires him to travel quite often and I knew right from the start that I will most likely be taking care of my baby alone. Having a pram when I’m out traveling alone with a baby may just cause too many inconveniences for me.

Considering that I do not drive, it would have meant that I would need to get a cab if I had to bring the baby alone, Having a pram just does not seems ideal to me because I can’t possibly fold the pram with a baby on me, especially an infant, Heading out also means the need to carry a big with all the baby essential items and it just too many things for me to have.

Moby To The Rescue! No More Fussy Baby!

Fuss-free baby equals a happy shopping trip!

Some may think that having a pram is more convenient because you can actually leave your diaper bag in the pram itself or hang some stuff at the pram. However, the thought just didn’t feel safe to me as anything can happen when you have an infant in the pram. Having too much stuff on the pram may just jeopardize the safety of my baby as accidents of having the pram fall over may just happen. Most importantly, my baby actually doesn’t really enjoy staying in the pram. I had to bring him out for dinner once, thinking that a pram would be useful because he can sleep in it. However, it turned out to be my nightmare as he just doesn’t want to be put in the pram, So I have to carry him throughout the whole dinner because I don’t have my baby carrier with me. Having a good baby carrier is hence important and essential for me. It will actually be ideal just to have my baby in the carrier while I can free my hands to perform other tasks.

When I was introduced to Moby Carrier, I was surprised and excited because it met all my requirements for a good carrier! Here are some things I will consider a good baby carrier:

  1. Good support for both the baby and myself!  (Important if you have a back injury like myself).
  2. Easy to clean and use
  3. Comfort for myself and baby
  4. Versatility of carrier 
  5. Budget Friendly

Moby carriers combine the support of a standard ergonomic baby carrier with the simple carrying assistance of a hip seat in one versatile, convenient baby-wearing product covering infants to toddlers.

I tried on 2 Moby Carriers – Easy Wrap and Cloud Hybrid and here’s my take on it!

Moby Easy Wrap

Less fuss-free and easy to use. I love that the material and sash to hold the baby is really comfortable and airy. I will say this is great for quick errands nearby or bringing the baby out for a walk! Although this carrier comes with a sturdy buckle, it does not pinch and the bonus part is that it is not bulky like most carriers I know. It’s easy to bring around and have it inside your bag as well too! If I’m going for a staycation, travel, or just a walk around the neighborhood, this will be my go-to choice! It‘s also easy to use!

Moby To The Rescue! No More Fussy Baby!

Baby in Moby Easy wrap carrier! Perfect for a stroll

Moby Cloud Hybrid

Compared to the Moby Easy wrap, I find the cloud hybrid has strong support for my back. It is created in a lightweight flex knit with a good structure and airflow, this carrier is intuitive and adjustable! If I have to have my baby in the carrier for longer hours, I will surely have my cloud hybrid because it can also support the baby’s neck! It also comes with a pacifier clip so it can be a lifesaver when you’re on the go! Definitely, a good carrier to use if you want to head out for shopping therapy!

I love Cloud Hybrid the best as I can see myself using this more often. I used to be a physically active person and I could work out every day even when I was pregnant. However, this is harder for me to do now. As a new mom, it’s harder for me to actually enjoy a good workout alone. But now, I can actually solve this problem by having my baby work out with me by going for long walks with Moby to the rescue!

Moby To The Rescue! No More Fussy Baby!

Shopping with baby in Moby

For mummies who are unsure of which baby carriers to use, I will strongly recommend giving MOBY a try! It is one size fits all with its adjustable functions. It is also pocket friendly! Great for mummies who need to work more on the budget. I definitely love it that with Moby, I can safely say I do not need to bring a pram out now because the baby is just so comfortable in the carrier. Babywearing also brings much more benefits for the baby’s overall development. Babywearing provides more bonding time and babies tend to be more calm as it mimics the womb. Babies can learn about their environment in a more calm and comfortable way! Babywearing is also a great way for caregivers to talk and engage their baby which helps to nurture your baby’s cognitive development as well!

May all mommies out there find your dream baby carrier for yourself and your little one!