A Comfort Sleep for Happy Baby With Ted & Luna!

Asher With Ted & Luna

The list of items goes on and on when it comes to buying baby items. But what’s really worth investing for the benefit of our little one? Let me bring you to Ted & Luna! 

Ted & Luna aims to provide timeless and modern essential products that spark joy for parents to help their little ones have better sleep. Comfort, quality, functionality, and safety are what you can expect from them! Imagine stepping into this room, don’t you feel comfortable and in the mood for a good nap?!

A Comfort Sleep for Happy Baby With Ted & Luna!

Baby getting ready for a diaper change

Preparing a baby for sleep can involve lots of prep work. Other than creating a consistent routine for them, we parents have to set up a soothing environment in order to help our little ones sleep better. For me, sleep quality is very closely associated with setting up a cozy bedroom as well as comfortable linen! 

With baby Asher, we tried a few methods to help him have better sleep. He tends to feel warm easily which can easily disturb his nap. Even as a newborn, we hardly swaddle him up during day time as well due to this reason. Recently, I have changed all baby’s Asher sleep linen to Ted &  Luna which was the best decision! His nap quality has improved so much and can sleep throughout the night for longer hours! Just look at him enjoying his little Cocoon Sleep bag and the cot sheets! He can crawl and move around freely as well even in this little Cocoon sleep bag!

Baby in Cocoon Sleep bag and cot sheet from Ted & Luna

At Ted&Luna, they use only baby-soft, gentle, hypoallergenic bamboo jerseys. With that, you can be assured that their fabric is ultra-breathable and the best part of it, temperature regulating! I can use this cocoon bag now even when we are not sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Baby Asher will be able to stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold! 

What I also love about their products is the colour choice and minimalist prints as well. Too many prints can also overstimulate young babies which can affect their sleep. Hence, I prefer to have his linen products with as few prints as possible. Just look at these soft tones!

A Comfort Sleep for Happy Baby With Ted & Luna!

Cocoon sleep bag in Sage and Dipper

At Ted & Luna, you can even find a quality diaper mat that’s not only functional, convenient, and comfortable but also aesthetically appealing! Made from vegan leather, it is also easily wipeable even if you get some stains on it. Designed with 2 functional pockets, you can easily store your baby wipes and diapers to bring it with you on the go! There’s also a handle for you to hang on the pram or in your room!

The diaper mat also has a buttery soft touch that’s gentle for your baby’s bum. As Asher grew bigger and older, a diaper-changing table is not really feasible anymore because he will be rolling around. So we have been using a diaper mat to change him instead. This diaper mat is a life changer. Well, just look at how comfortable Asher is on the mat.

A Comfort Sleep for Happy Baby With Ted & Luna!

Diaper changing mat with two functional pockets

I will highly recommend Ted & Luna for your baby’s products! They do have playmats as well for your little ones’ tummy time or playtime! Rest assured it’s fuss-free and durable! It is also GOLS and OEKO-TEX® certified organic latex foam. Available in beautiful colours and generous shapes fit for the playpen, play gym, nursery, bedroom, and even the living room. I’m sure you will enjoy these products from Ted & Luna just like how baby Asher is enjoying!

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