Did you know that our skin on our back and hips will sag by 1cm per year when we hit the age of 30?

Having an hourglass figure is every woman’s dream. At times, our sedentary lifestyle, stress and high sugar intake, it might be harder to achieve this. It is important for us to maintain the balance of losing weight and staying healthy.

Consistency is key in achieving a toned body and we recommend two ways to achieve our desired figure.

Get the right exerciseSlim waist workout

“No pain, no gain”. Hard work will pay off if you do this exercise routine regularly. Doing the correct exercise can strengthen your back muscles and tone up your muscles. This workout combo targets the triceps, shoulders, abdominals, and chest. Follow this routine and do 5 sets of exercise daily. Love your workouts – don’t follow too extreme workouts till you dread them!

Do ensure you have adequate hydration and eat more fruits and vegetables to keep yourself full for a longer period of time! Couple the exercise routine with a balanced diet consisting of lean protein, healthy fat and wholegrains to help with muscle recovery and repair. You will be one step closer to achieving a toned body!


Wearing a Shapewear

Kivie, shapewear

Shapewears are increasingly popular because it helps to enhance your curves. If worn correctly, it is effective in levelling the fats and moving it to more desired areas. Ladies love this as it smoothens the stomach and waist area, giving a sculpting effect and slimmer silhouette. This instant body shaping can help to improve your posture too.

Question is, how can we choose a shapewear that is comfortable?

Get a toned body using Kivie’s Shapewear

Kivie, shapewear

Since the ancient times, shapewears were highly sought after by women. Back then, their shapers were made of whale bones, integrated iron and other metals. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it can be? Thankfully we do not have to wear that.

The Ladies Cue got to know about Kivie’s shapewear through Aziel, the Lingerie Consultant of Kivie Singapore. We also got to understand why this shapewear is popular among women of all ages to get a toned body.

Physical Benefits

Wearing the shapewear consistently ensures that you are always in the right posture, regardless whether you are standing or sitting down. It gently smooths out back bulges and lumps and help us to shape up our breast shape by shifting the extra armpit fats and bulges to front. This will give you a smaller waistline, better curves and toned thighs.

Health benefits

Shoulder Pressure Relief

Kivie shapewear is designed to relieve pressure on shoulders by reducing compression and prevent shoulder and neck strain. Feeling the muscle strains when you work in front of the computer for too long? This helps you to reduce the tension on your neck and shoulder.

 Enhances Blood Circulation

Kivie shapewear uses bamboo charcoal fiber functional fabric that released far infrared ray to accelerate blood circulation. An improved blood circulation raises the oxygen level in our body, enabling us to feel more energetic. Another added benefit is that it helps to fight off and avoid potential diseases and sicknesses.

6 Volcanic stones implantKivie, shapewear, 3D cutting, volcanic stone, hourglass figure

Volcanic energy stones have large and powerful magnetic fields can protect the balance of human body secretion and help to improve immunity. It warms the uterus, increases the blood circulation, boosts our body’s detoxification. Prolonged wearing of Kivie shapewear is said to help to ease menstrual cramps.

High quality assurance

Kivie shapewear uses a 3 dimensional cutting to mimic our body shape so that it can effectively level fats to different areas. The hexagonal weaving technology is used to maximise the Lycra fibre’s ductility, such that putting it on will feel as though it’s your second layer of skin – You will feel comfortable and not feel stuffy wearing additional clothes.

The Lycra Fiber root yarn is comprised of multiple strands of Lycra Fibre to 1 strand of yarn. This is to increase the ductility, tensile strength, and breathability of the fabric which is suitable for Singapore’s weather being humid and hot. Kivie’s supply chain specially manufactures higher quality Lycra that stretches up to 50cm so while wearing consumer will not feel that they are being oppressed by the material.

With their high standards, 1 shapewear has to go through 96 rigorous process to ensure every detail are made to perfection to ensure the quality of the shapewear is fit to our needs.

Good Functional Design

Kivie, shapewear

Seamless edge design of Kivie shapewear can prevent flat hem to show under your clothing. It uses multiple fabrics stitch to cater for different body parts.

Another important design is the open crotch design for convenience toileting, you need not worry that you will have a hard time getting in and out of your shapewear at the toilet. Even before they allow their first shapewear to be sold, the shapewear was put to test by 982 people and each review was taken into consideration to perfect every detail.

Kivie, shapewear

You no longer have to squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable shapewear and not be able to breathe properly. With Kivie shapewear’s technology and material, you will feel as if you are not wearing any shapewear, while reaping the physical and health benefits. It is a great, instant way to get a toned body!

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