Imagine a rich and magnificent wilderness filled with hues of yellow and purple flowers; with misty moors across the hills and ancient castles. That’s what you’ll get when you embark on scent therapy with Jo Malone’s New Limited Collection – The Highlands.

Explore the Highlands Wilderness with Jo Malone

Jo Malone x The Ladies Cue

Singapore was the first to launch this limited edition in Asia Pacific markets! This Highland Collection pop-up was held in several locations across town from 20th April to 14th May 2023. I visited their pop-up store with amazing scent therapy!

These 4 new limited Cologne has an amazing scent that blew my mind away. Honestly, it was the best scent I ever experienced so far! Each of these scents brought an enchanted vibe to me as though it brought me to the majestic highlands surrounded by amazing greenery! It actually gave me a really vintage castle vibe there too!

How many of you actually knew that products from Jo Malone can be paired together to customize a different scent? I honestly have been a fan of Jo Malone’s classic range – English Pear and Freesia; but never did I know I could pair it with other series. The staff explained to me how it works and helped me to find a scent that I really love, which is a combination of English Pear and Wild Achilea! If you are like me and prefer a more citrus and woody kind of scent, then try out this combination! The tangy smell of nettle from Wild Achillea will surely set you off with a joyful vibe! You can also try a combination of Wild Achillea with Highland Heather, which were both of my favourites from The Highlands collection! A combination of these two cologne will have you amazed!

Let’s take a look at these four limited editions of scent:

Wild Achillea Cologn

Golden bundles of wild Achillea frame remote ruins alive with nature. Sparkling with bright bergamot entwined with the tangy sting of a nettle, the greenness balanced on a base of soft white musk.

Highland Heather Cologn

Morning haze across the Highlands fades to reveal a wilderness blanketed by swathes of heather. An amethyst vision captured in a woody scent, enhanced with English lavender and freshened by cypress, grounded in sensual amber.

Melancholy Thistle Cologne

Bold and bright Melancholy Thistles guard a long-abandoned castle in the Scottish Highlands. Entwined with a green freshness, this woody aromatic scent is underpinned by cool wood to summon the ivy-covered stone walls inside a majestic relic.

Mallow on the Moor Cologne

Purple mallow flowers spill across an untamed landscape, beckoning bees with their vivid colour. These pretty petals flutter alongside powdery heliotrope in this soft floral scent enriched by the naturality of violet leaves.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, bring them on scent therapy with Jo Malone! I’m sure your loved ones will enjoy their experiences there at Jo Malone! Gifting this limited collection? You’ll find yourself with nice packaging with the Highlands Theme collection too.

Explore the Highlands Wilderness with Jo Malone

Bundle Set from The Jo Malone Highlands Collection

No worries if you miss the pop-up stores because you can pop by their boutique stores to help you get scent customization! The staff was really friendly and they will be able to recommend some variations according to your preferences!

Explore the Highlands Wilderness with Jo Malone

Voice of The Ladies Cue Aziel Khoo at Jo Malone Pop-up Store (Ion)

Connect with Jo Malone through their website and socials!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoMaloneLondon/

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