Indulge in the Luxurious Salon Treatment Experience from the Comfort of Your Home with Secret Professionnel’s Botanical Products!

Have any of you started experiencing hair loss at a young age? I do! I started having hair loss at the age of 20. Can you imagine the fears and struggles I was going through when I spotted bald patches on parts of my scalp? Premature hair loss with bald patches!
I was crying to my mom and my mom had to spend tons of money to let me have the necessary hair treatments to save my locks! Since then, I have placed hair care as a top priority in my daily routine.

Other than the essential cleansing hair products, I have included hair exfoliants and scalp tonics as well. As I went through several hair treatments, I learned from the hair specialist that, unlike our facial skin, our scalps have 5 layers of skin. We have more oil glands on the scalp as compared to the skin on our face. If we do not treat our scalp right, it can affect the conditions of our facial skin.

With the unforgiving weather lately, it is even more essential to practice our scalp care. If you are constantly doing scalp treatment at the salon, good for you, and please keep it up! However, suppose you are a busy mom like me with a little toddler, stepping out of the house seems almost like a luxury now. In that case, I have a solution for you to pamper yourself with a salon treatment at home with this Scalp Booster that can help to freshen up your scalp and achieve healthier locks!

Enjoy Salon Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home With Secret Professional's Botanical

Enjoy Salon Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home With Secret Professional’s Botanical

Simple, time-saving, cost savings and effective with 10 Benefits in one bottle to bring you one step closer to achieving your dream luscious locks in 3 simple steps as shown below:

Enjoy Salon Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home With Secret Professional's Botanical

Step 1: Apply it directly on the scalp using the applicator

Enjoy Salon Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home With Secret Professional's Botanical

Step 2: Massage gently and leave it on the scalp for about 10 minutes.
(I prefer to massage using the massager, you can simply use your hands too!)

Step 3: Wash it off using any shampoo of your choice!

Simply use it once a week (or when necessary), 10 mins each time for a salon-worthy result!

This scalp booster is a cult favourite with salon professionals and is used by many top salons as part of their pre-shampoo scalp treatment. It is Silicon, Paraben, and Phenoxyethanol free! On top of it, it provides you with 10 benefits in 1 bottle! (Detoxify, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Soothing, Stimulating, Soothing, Revitalising, Balancing, Anti Hair loss, and Dandruff). Also, it contains 5 essential oils that work differently for the wonders of your scalp health!

Rosemary Essential Oil:

A great vessel to deliver nutrients to hair follicles. Protects hair from damage, reduces breakage, and strengthens hair strength.

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Removes excess sebum and build-up. Natural anti-bacterial properties that help to soothe and reduce irritation, as well as combating dandruff!

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Anti-microbial properties that combat infections and reduce inflammation. Also stimulates blood stimulation and promotes hair growth. Leaves a cooling sensation to the scalp as well!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Similar to Tea Tree Oil, leaving your scalp refreshed and clean!

Cajeput Essential Oil:

Balances hair sebum which works greatly for both dry and oily scalps. Restore shine, improves hair texture, and enhance hair vitality!

Honestly, most of my friends thought I was spared from postpartum hair loss as I still have a great volume of hair up till now! However, I did go through postpartum hair loss but only for a short period. My postpartum hair loss only lasted about 1 month plus for me, which I believed was also due to my diligent scalp care routine.

Enjoy Salon Treatment At The Comfort Of Your Home With Secret Professional's Botanical

Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel Khoo After Using Secret Professionnel’s Botanical

Self-care should not be neglected even with the additional role of motherhood added upon us. I believed in seeking solutions and working around ways to find little joy as I fulfilled my role and responsibilities as a mom too! If stepping out of the house to enjoy a scalp treatment is not easy for you, use this Scalp Booster from Secret Professionnel to enjoy a salon spa treatment in the comfort of your home!

You can now enjoy this Secret Proessionnel’s Botanical Secret Scalp Booster via www.beautebynature.com at $280! Save yourself from salon packages and the time to travel down to salons.

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