Who says Optical glasses are boring?!

Eyewear has grown with a plethora of design changes over the years and plays a big part in the fashion industry nowadays. It is no longer just a necessity for people with vision impairments but a portrayal of an individual’s fashion style together with outfits and occasions.

As someone who enjoys exploring different fashion styles, I am also constantly on the hunt for unique stylish frames that I can wear to match outfits for different occasions. I am excited to share with you my beloved readers my recent hunt for stylish eyewear.

Introducing you to Bolon Eyewear with its newly launched Spring/Summer 2023 collection – Chasing Radiance. This new collection was inspired by the modern architecture and diversity of landscape in New York. This new series speaks of bold lines and angular shapes in its design to portray confidence that makes you the centre of attention! Can you imagine styling with these different sunglasses and spectacles? I was spoilt for choices!

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Featuring 2023 Sprinc/Summer Collection – Bolon Eyewear Sunglasses

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Featuring 2023 Spring/Summer Collection – Bolon Eyewear Optical Glasses

My trip to Bolon was inevitably a fascinating and overwhelming experience! Without further ado, let me share with you my 2 new eyewear here!

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel Khoo’s pick – Williamsburg Sunglasses and Mckinney Optical Wear Bolon Eyewear

If you have noticed by now, each piece of eyewear in this collection was named after a New York Neighbourhood. All Bolon eyewear is made with premium materials such as titanium and TR90acetate to ensure comfort, quality, and durability. My choices of eyewear look big and bold right?! But you will be surprised at how lightweight it is!

My dressing style is usually loud and bold, so this collection is a perfect fit to add on to my wardrobe staples! Just look at how classy and stylish it can be! Being a mom myself, dressing up can be really time-consuming at times too. Having this Optical glass Mckinney can be really helpful to minimize my dressing time. Just pop the glasses on and you’ll look like a fashionista in split seconds.

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Voice of The Ladies Cue Aziel Khoo wearing Mckinney Optical Glass

What I love about Mckinney Optical Glass is the three-dimensional cat’s eye frame. I’ve always loved cat-eye frames, however, I have not exactly found a pair of frames that speaks of “bold” until I met Bolon. Even if you only have a simple outfit on, I believed that Mckinney has the magic power to turn the tables around to make you a fashionista!

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Close-up view of Mckinney Optical Glass

You also need a pair of stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays! Here’s my take on Williamsburg Sunglasses. I prefer to go with oversize frames for my sunglasses because it covers more of my face which also means more protection! Also, no worries if I’m lazy to put on makeup for that day! You can enjoy a morning walk and be photo ready at any time with a pair of stylish sunglasses!

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Featuring Williamsburg Sunglasses on Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel Khoo

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Close-up view of Williamsburg Sunglasses

Also, if you are a customer of Bolon, you get to enjoy a complimentary RefractionTest every year! Simply pop by their shops to get your eyes checked! My friendly eye specialist also shared many tips with me on how should I take care of my eyes in order to keep my high astigmatism in check! Your eyes are the window to your soul so please take care of it well!

Elevate Your Style and Fashion with Bolon Eyewear

Refraction check at Bolon Eyewear with Aziel Khoo

Find out more information here:

Website: https://sg.boloneyewear.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boloneyewear/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BolonEyewear/

About Bolon Eyewear

Bolon Eyewear is one of the top leading eyewear brands. It offers fashion, design, and quality sunglasses and optical glasses. Their optical frames and sunglasses are shaped by a constant exploration of silhouettes, materials, and thoughtful details to bring out individuality and personal style. Designed in Italy by experienced artisans, their collections draw inspiration from attitudes and aesthetics across the globe.

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