What if I tell you you can enjoy Fast, Quality, Single-serving Pizzas in 5 minutes? Integrated with the New Gen AI-Technology, you can have a Perfect Pizza Anytime, Anywhere with GOPIZZA. 

Originating from Korea, GOPIZZA serves as a ‘Fast Food Concept’ style that serves Single Serving Pizza as fast as 5 minutes with the help of a special Oven – GOVEN. This Korean pizza chain has now prominently landed at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2!

What exactly is this PIzza integrated with AI technology that allows us to enjoy High-Quality PIzzas in 5 minutes?

3 Stations With Controlled Steps

With the incorporation of AI Smart Topping Table, GOVEN and GOBOT, the process of Pizza creation is well-controlled. The assembling and pizza toppings are well-tracked with a smart camera here to ensure the consistency of ingredients and quantities. Pizza baking is done in 3 minutes with the controlled GOVEN at twice the temperature as compared to our usual conventional ovens.

The freshly baked GOPIZZA will land on GOBOT which is designed to slice the pizzas into GOPIZZA’s signature shapes. The best part here is that it is kept warm before being served to customers! No reheating that may destroy the taste of pizzas!

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

GOVEN, Exclusive Patented AI Oven at GOPIZZA

Pizzas have always been a source of comfort and essential food for my family’s festive celebrations. It is often served in group sizes. To have a single serving size is a plus point for me here! Here’s what I tried out on their menu!

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

Korea Oval Shape Pizzas With Pasta and Topokki

I ordered a total of 3 pizzas that are available exclusively at Changi Airport Outlet. My favourite here is the Truffle Cheese Pizza! With a rich cream base and generous mozzarella cheese, it’s a perfect must-have for cheese lovers like me!

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

Voice of The Ladies Cue Aziel Khoo With Her Favourite Truffle Cheese Pizza

If you’re a fan of Pepperoni, then you need to try this Jalapeño Pepperoni Pizza! All crust is made with Basak dough ensuring the perfect pizza texture – Crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside.

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

GOPIZZA Jalapeño Pepperoni Pizza

Next up, we have the Chilli Crab Prawn Pizza for seafood lovers. Iconic local taste with a twist while mirroring the classic taste of sweet, spicy and savoury chilli-tomato sauce! I am convinced of the quality of the pizza despite the short preparation time!

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

Chilli Crab Prawn Pizza

Complete your meal with a side dish or if you have extra space, get pasta!  I also got the original flavour Topokki.

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA


Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

Satisfied your PIzza Cravings in 5 Minutes with GOPIZZA

The Founder of GOPIZZA Jay Lim Jae Won, has made a breakthrough here with the integration of technology to bring quality, convenience and fuss-free food. Merging speed with taste, GOPIZZA has made a breakthrough for hungry travellers or the public to enjoy consistent and freshly baked pizza. Perfect for people who are facing urgency to purchase food on the go! If you need a quick bite before checking in to your flight, check out GOPIZZA to bring you a heartwarming and quick satisfying meal. 

Store Information

Nestled between Dunkin Donuts and Boost Juice Bar, GOPIZZA is located at T2 Departure/Transit South, Unit No. 02-K15 at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 Departure Hall. Operating hours are from 6am to 1am daily.

Website: https://www.gopizza.sg
Instagram: https://instagram.com/gopizza.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gopizza.sg 


Originating from a small food truck in Korea, GOPIZZA has evolved into a food technology company with its own patented technology, GOVEN, capable of baking the perfect pizza in less than five minutes. Additionally, GOPIZZA has developed its special par-baked dough, providing customers with a satisfying bite into the crispy ‘basak’ dough. Currently, GOPIZZA boasts approximately 200 outlets across South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

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