Singapore is a Food Paradise itself due to the multi races that come along with a diversity in cultures. Nowadays, it is common to see fusion cuisine around. But locally, Hakka food is still quite a rare sight in local Singapore. What’s more a fusion of Hakka-inspired dishes?

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Voice of The Ladies Cue Aziel Khoo with Chef Cheng Wei Liang from Martin’s Kitchen

I have recently spotted a gem spot here at Martin’s Kitchen with a unique dining experience. With a new extended menu that’s fully inspired by a Trinity fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European cuisines, your taste buds are going on an adventure here.


Let’s start with an appetiser that’s inspired by ‘Thunder Rice Tea’. Presenting to you the Hakka ‘Lei Cha’ Chopped Salad!

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Hakka ‘Lei Cha Chopped Salad’. MUST TRY Dish Recommended By Aziel Khoo; Voice of The Ladies Cue

Lei Cha 擂茶, is one of the famous Hakka dishes most people may have commonly heard of as the ‘Thunder Rice Tea’ It consists of Rice with various vegetables such as Chinese Leek, French Bean, Choi Sim, Kai Lan, with Toufu and Peanuts; and a blended tea soup to pour over it. As much as I love this dish, it may not appeal to many as shared by some of my Hakka friends themselves!

Focusing on the essence of Lei Cha in mind, this salad is a refreshing rendition of the Traditional Lei Cha. Don’t be deceived by this dish, it may look like all veggies which may turn those anti-veggies people off, but I promise you, this dish is a must-have! It’s super refreshing with a tint of citrus taste. I can honestly finish off this plate myself!

Next, it’s time to level up to Hakka Ravioli. It’s quite obvious what fusion is this; a blend of Hakka with European style! Delightful dumplings fashioned with the traditional Ravioli. The filling consists of pork and fish that are enhanced with Sze Chuan Sauce and Habanero oil. What caught my heart here? It’s the shredded yam toppings here! Oh my, I can’t stop eating this. I’m not a fan of yam but this is super amazing!

Hakka Ravioli Made with Pork and Fish Fillings.

If you are thinking of checking out this place, please note this sequence that I’m sharing with you here as the following dishes will get heavier in flavour. A tip for you to enjoy the dining experience fully is to enjoy dishes that are heavily in flavour. 


Time for some Hakka Mexican fusion here, presenting to you ‘Kong Ba Pao’ Taco! The pork belly here is garnished with Pickled Cucumber Red Onion and Slaw. This dish comes with in-house made coriander mayonnaise, which is a popular condiment in Mexican Cuisine. When I heard this, I wasn’t sure if I’d even like it because I am not a fan of coriander. But the first taste of these unique tacos has impressed me!

‘Kong Ba Pao’ Taco, MUST TRY!!

If you’re wondering why the fusion here, I had a little chat with Chef Wei Liang too. Growing up in a single-parent family, he had to stay separately with his mom last time as she worked as the sole breadwinner. Chef Wei Liang’s aunt, who also took care of him, was a traditional Hakka woman. He secretly saw how his aunt cooked up these dishes and he’s inspired to keep the delicacy of Hakka dishes to preserve his heritage. Mixing up with his past experiences of Mexican and European cuisine, he was inspired to come up with new creations with these 3 fusions! Let’s continue to check out more of his creations! 

Coming up next is the Hakka noodles that are paired with the richness of pork lard as well as the unique flavour of ‘Nan ru’ red fermented pork.

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Hakka Noodles 

These housemade noodles come with a special hot sauce that was created by Chef Wei Liang. For you spicy lovers out there, this creates a heaven in your taste buds. It doesn’t taste spicy initially but the aftermath taste is simply shocking to my taste buds. But it’s a great kick and I love it! 

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Hakka noodles with Fiery Hot Sauce!

Featuring my favourite dish here next, and it’s another MUST TRY DISH! The “Abacus Seed” Gnocchi!. I’m having this the next time I visit Martin’s Kitchen and I’m sure it won’t just stop at one. This dish sent me straight to paradise. I can enjoy the whole dish all by myself! I even finish the sauce here.

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

The Abacus Seed Gnocchi. MUST TRY Dish!

This Abacus Seed is made with yam as a replicate of the chewy texture of Gnocchi. It’s another secret inhouse sauce here to enhance the flavour and depth of this dish. Just TRY THIS! You’ll love it im sure. It’s too good to even put it into words. I’m coming back for you again!

Let’s rest your taste buds slightly and enjoy ‘Thunder Tea Barramundi’. What caught my tastebud is the extra crisp with the skin of Barramundi here. Infused with the fragrance of Tea here, it’s one of my favourites too. You’ll experience three distinct fish textures here along with the toppings of silverfish!

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Thunder Tea Barramundi. MUST TRY Dish!

Featuring another top popular dish at Martin’s Kitchen, the Hakka Hokkien Mee Tagliatelle!! This noodle is once again handmade from scratch by Chef Wei Liang. The paste noodle is created with squid ink which was also housemade for an extra flavour boost! The broth here is simmered for 8 hours to capture every essence here. It’s another MUST TRY dish if you’re visiting here I heard that this is limited in quantity per day too!

Here are a few fun facts shared by Martin’s Kitchen, it’s so famous that there’s one regular Caucasian Customer who comes in to enjoy this dish daily. Can you imagine a dish that’s so nice that you want to enjoy it daily? I can honestly see why that dear customer can do so. I can do so too with this Hokkien Mee and Abacus Seed! 

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Hokkien Mee Tagliatelle


Please have space for this yummy dessert – Hakka Mochi ‘Qiba’. I didn’t know that Mochi originated from the Hakka culture too. This is an innovative twist to the traditional desserts with orange chocolate glaze. A must-try dessert too! 

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Hakka Mochi ‘Qiba’. Another MUST TRY!

Enough of food! Time for some drinks here. Aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and yummy to your tummy! Presenting to you Flor De Sauco, Martin’s Negroni and ‘Thunder Tea’ cocktail! 

Enjoy a Unique Fusion of Hakka, Mexican and European Cuisine at Martin’s Kitchen

Top: Flor De Sauco, Left: Martin’s Negroni, Right: Thunder Tea Cocktail

A unique taste will be this Thunder Tea Cocktail that contains a blend of whiskey, rice milk, matcha, and black tea with a garnish of silverfish and peanuts. You’ll experience a different layer of taste to this cocktail so please savour it slowly! 

I love Flor De Sauco the most. Perfect to wind down after a stressful day. You’ll get to enjoy different designs of this lovely cocktail too! So check them out and remember to take a good Instagrammable photo to share! 

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