Enjoy Happy Postnatal Confinement with Mama J’s Confinement Food!

Postnatal Confinement is a traditional practice to help a mother recover from her pregnancy, labour, and birth. While it is more commonly heard and practiced across Asia as compared to western countries, it is a varying cycle for mothers to heal from childbirth at their own pace. No matter how the practices differ across countries and cultures, I believe the most important aspect here is the power of nutritious and nourishing food!

Back when I was pregnant, I managed to give Mama J Confinement food a try, and I was so overwhelmed by how tasty it was!

Voice of The Babies Cue Aziel Khoo with her trial meal from Mama J’s when she was pregnant

I actually fear confinement food as I have always preferred my food to be less oil, and less salty. I can actually just settle my meals simply by putting them into the steamer! If you think about the typical Singapore famous dishes like Laska, Pig trotters, and Fried Kway Teo; it is honestly a big No-No for me. Yet the kind of confinement food in my impression was along these lines like pig liver, pig trotters, and sesame oil chicken; honestly, it was a turn-off for me just at the thought of it. But Mama J surprised me totally with a healthier version of Confinement Food!  I was enjoying it so much that I finished the whole big portion by myself. 

I was honestly really happy about it and wanted to tell my husband to just order this package from them for my confinement. But to my regret, my husband told me he actually already settled with another company and we couldn’t cancel it. Sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy Mama J’s confinement food during my postnatal recovery.

However, it’s a shame for such tasty confinement food to not be known by many. Hence, I’ve been actively sharing with my friends about Mama J’s Confinement Food. From a small Home-based Business to owning a central kitchen now, Mama J has definitely won the hearts of many!

I recently got to try out their trial meals again and honestly, it tasted as yummy as my previous experience was, in fact, better!
Let’s get down to sharing with you what these trial meals look like!

Turn Your Postnatal Blue to Pink with Mama J Confinement Food!

Trial meals from Mama J’s Confinement Food

Mama J serves their meals in a ‘tingkat’ and thermal bag which keeps the food warm! I personally think it’s so heart warming for this as it’s literally a struggle for mommies to enjoy a warm meal, let alone a new mom who will be facing more struggles especially when she’s doing confinement alone with no help.

Food has a strong power to lift up people’s mood and I love how Mama J’s has decorated their rice like a Japanese Bento now! (Spot the difference in what I had back when I was pregnant and now!)

Turn Your Postnatal Blue to Pink with Mama J Confinement Food!

A smile was spotted when I saw the little rabbit

Just look at the sumptuous meal above! Honestly, this is a huge portion for me, but I literally finished this meal myself. You may be surprised to know that my favourite here, is actually the Sesame Oil Chicken and herbal soup.

Turn Your Postnatal Blue to Pink with Mama J Confinement Food!

Mama J’s Confinement Food – Sesame Oil Chicken

It has a rich taste yet is well balanced out, the best part, it’s not as oily as I thought it would be! The chicken is cooked till tender. Until now, I can honestly still remember how this dish lingers in my taste buds!

If you’re a soup lover, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by how tasty their soup is! If you’re not a fan of herbs, then I can assure you that the herbal taste is not very strong. I personally think it is very well-balanced!

Turn Your Postnatal Blue to Pink with Mama J Confinement Food!

Mama J’s Confinement Herbal Soup

If you know of any mummies out there who need nice and healthy confinement meals, be sure to check out Mama J’s Confinement Food! If you happen to know anyone who needs some extra care during a difficult time, you can even send them a single meal to reach out to them! Lift up their mood and put a little smile on their faces with nutritious home-cooked meals served by  Mama J’s Confinement Food with love!

Website: https://confinementfood.sg
Instagram: https://instagram.com/confinementfoodsg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/confinementfoodsg

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