Enter Skinscape Clinic, A Premier Destination For Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics

Wondering how and where to enhance your natural beauty and look more confident? Thinking of trying out minimally noninvasive treatments to give your face a better lift? Check out Skinscape Clinic, an Aesthetic Clinic that uses an integrative approach to holistically nurture our skin, body, and mind.

Enter Skinscape Clinic, A Premier Destination For Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics
Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel Khoo did her first Aesthetic Treatment at Skinscape

Aesthetic Treatments have emerged as a popular trend nowadays, especially in Asia. More people are going for solutions that are fast, effective, and time-saving. It is also less invasive which means safer with a lower risk of complications.

After consultation with Doctor Harvey, I tried the Secret Duo Microneedling Treatment. This treatment is recommended for acne scarring, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin tightening.

I was nervous as it was my first time doing Aesthetic Treatment. Dr. Harvey mentioned that it can cause slight discomfort and swelling after the treatment. However, there would be less downtime for skin recovery and side effects with the new secret duo devices! For the start, the skin is first cleansed before preparing for the treatment. Numbing cream had to be applied on my skin first, also oral painkillers were prescribed before treatment started.

Enter Skinscape Clinic, A Premier Destination For Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics
Numbing cream was applied before treatment started

Secret RF Microneedling & Erbium Glass Laser

Once the numbing cream has set in, the next step would be having my face poked with the needles! There was a slight warm sensation. With the use of medical-grade needles to trigger micro-injuries to trigger skin’s natural healing abilities while actively tightening existing collagen fibres to plump up your skin!

Enter Skinscape Clinic, A Premier Destination For Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics
Microneedling Treatment in progress

It’s inevitable for your skin to be red during the treatment. However, the pain is pretty much bearable thanks to the numbing cream and painkillers. Dr. Harvey started by doing my chin, then to my cheeks, before going back to my chin and cheek again. Each area of my face was poked twice and the second round of application brought a slight discomfort. Dr Harvey mentioned that it can help slightly with my dark eye circles too. I thought the pain should be more in my eye area, but surprisingly, it was my forehead that felt the most discomfort.

I honestly can’t feel it when it comes to the Laser treatment. It’s like almost nothing was going on. Overall, the discomfort level was still very bearable for me.

After this treatment, a small tub of cream was given to help with the pain. My face was swollen for the first two days. Thankfully, recovery time was still fast for me! Things that you should avoid after this treatment as recommended by Dr Harvey, is to discontinue products that promote whitening. What I should focus on is just using hydration products to facilitate recovery for my skin. Most importantly, avoid UV rays as much as I can. So a must to take note here is to apply your sunblock!

My skin started to have some scabs from the microneedling treatments, which was common. It starts to heal and fade off the next few days. A slight itch can be felt but is not uncomfortable.

I noticed a visible difference, especially in my eye area. My husband pointed out that my chin looks tight and overall radiant too! I believe that with a few more sessions, the result will be desirable and optimal.

Enter Skinscape Clinic, A Premier Destination For Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics
Before (Top) and After (Bottom) After 7 days

Skinscape is the first clinic in Singapore to introduce this cutting-edge procedure. With the focus on enhancing natural beauty without drastic changes, Skinscape adopts revolutionary a approach where visible results such as skin tightening, lifting, and texture can be visibly improved in a session.

Check out more information here:
Website: https://skinscapeclinic.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinscapeclinic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinscapeclinic

About Skinscape

With an integrative of evidence-based treatments, mind-body and conventional aesthetic medicine to blend in with the interplay between skin, lifestyle and environment, treatments are then designed to optimise therapeutic outcomes.  Standing strong on the belief of holistically nurturing our skin, body and mind, it promotes better self-connection and restoring the natural healing capacity of our skin. We can benefit as a whole when intentional skincare is practised as it creates conscious awareness to bring out the confidence in us!

About Doctor Harvey

Dr Harvey is an aesthetic doctor par excellence. Dr Harvey stands by his grounding principle to enhance natural beauty instead of creating drastic changes. As the saying ‘less is more’, an integrative approach to help his patient receive the best skin care is done through reinforcing self-care and mindfulness on top of the power of science. His suite of remedial options ranges from facial injectables to non-surgical body contouring to evidenced-based weight loss, Dr Harvey builds long-term relationships with his patients which allows him to customise the best treatment for his patient.

  • M.B.B.S. (Singapore)
  • PG Dip Clinical Dermatology (Queen Mary)
  • Dip IB Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Certified Member

Skinscape is conveniently located in town in Asia Square Tower.

Asia Square Tower 1, #02-07
8 Marina View, Singapore 018960

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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