I don’t know about you but I enjoy the convenience of settling my meals at 7-Eleven, especially when I’m constantly on the go for work. My work requires me to travel to different stations and often, it’s hard for me to sit down to enjoy a proper meal. Hence, 7-Eleven has been my go-to for a quick bite on days like this.

Lately, 7-Eleven has launched an ‘Oishii Feast’ featuring a Japanese-inspired range of food! I’ve always loved Japanese Cuisine hence I’m so excited to try out their new products! This series of packed meals is meticulously crafted with Hitomebore rice!

Enjoy Exquisite Taste Of Japan From 7-Eleven!

7-Eleven Premium Onigiri and Packed Meals

Get ready for some mouthwatering reviews here! I had their Curry Chicken Udon, Butter Shoyu Chicken with rice, and Beef Hamburg with Rice.

Honestly, if you ask me for my favourite, I actually can’t decide because glutton mummy loves it all! My husband gave his approval for the Beef Hamburg too! The sweetness, softness, and stickiness of the Hitomebore rice actually elevated the whole-packed meals to a higher level!

Enjoy Exquisite Taste Of Japan From 7-Eleven!

Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel Khoo’s Choices Of Packed Meals

These packed meals are lovely as a quick supper choice too as the portion is just nice and not too heavy. If packed meals ain’t you are to go for a late night supper, go for their snacks here!

I’m a fan of their Origini because honestly, it’s such an easy food to eat on the go. Best part of it, its always full of fillings here! I’m not sure about you but I actually like my Origini cold. But you can always heat it up to enjoy a warm snack!

Enjoy Exquisite Taste Of Japan From 7-Eleven!

Salmon Belly Origini

Check out their Oyakudon Style Chicken wrap too! I love the balance of sweet and savoury here, perfect for a comfortable snack at any time of the day!

Enjoy Exquisite Taste Of Japan From 7-Eleven!

Enjoy Exquisite Taste Of Japan From 7-Eleven!

Jio your supper kakis or prepare these snacks for a special cozy night movie at home! There’s another variety of choices for you to choose from such as Yuzu Dumpling Chicken, Chicken Ham Katsu + Japanese style Seaweed Omelette Sandwich! 

7-Eleven’s ‘Oishii Feast’ featuring Japanese-inspired food is a game-changer for those of us constantly on the go. With meticulously crafted meals using Hitomebore rice, these packed options are not only convenient but also delicious. Whether you’re craving Curry Chicken Udon, Butter Shoyu Chicken with rice, Beef Hamburg, or tasty snacks like Origini and Oyakudon Style Chicken wrap, there’s something for everyone. So, the next time you’re in a rush or planning a cozy movie night, remember that 7-Eleven has got your taste buds covered!

Website: https://www.7-eleven.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/7Eleven.Singapore
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7elevensg

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