Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the incredible women in our lives, and what better way to do so than a beauty date that not only pampers but also brings us closer together? This year, I decided to take a slightly different approach by revisiting a place that holds special memories for my mother — Browstation.

3 years ago, my mother had her eyebrows shaped by Vivian, the Founder of Browstation, and she was super happy with the outcome. The transformation was so impressive that it received compliments from friends and family. Given how much she cherished the experience, we felt compelled to return to Browstation to refresh her elegant brows and celebrate Mother’s Day in style. Ever since her first brow embroidery, she has frequently reminisced about how pain-free and comfortable the session was compared to previous experiences. She often praised Vivian’s skill, especially considering her challenging brow shape—one higher than the other—which Vivian managed to beautifully balance.


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Shaving excess brows for shaping


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Creating a golden ratio for face

Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Shaping brows before embroidery 

Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Embroidery process

The Browstation Mother’s Day Date

When we arrived at Browstation, we were welcomed warmly, just like before. My mother was happy to see Vivian again, whom  remembered her from our previous visit years ago, making her feel extra special. She decided to update her eyebrows, and I chose to fix an issue I had with mine. My eyebrows had unwanted red/ colours that had faded, which made me look like I was a few years older! This pigment removal service that Vivian provides ensures my brow hairs are kept “safe” as this process could burn them and potentially damage my skin.

My mother opted for the same 6D+misty embroidery eyebrow treatment she had previously experienced, which you can read about in our earlier post. The key difference this time around was the location. Previously when my mother met Vivian, the salon was located on Level 5. They have now upgraded to a more spacious setup on Level 7 of Orchard Plaza. This new space isn’t just bigger; it also includes additional services like facials and hair removal, providing even more beauty options under one roof!


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Shaping brows before treatment


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Pigment remover laser treatment


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Colour/ Pigment removed from the left brow

Pigment Removal Treatment

Vivian employed a modern laser treatment to clear away my faded pigments. Unlike older machines that could cause bleeding during the procedure, the equipment used at Browstation ensures a blood-free experience, which is a relief because nobody wants to see blood during a laser treatment! I’m truly grateful for Vivian’s use of such advanced technology. It’s clear that the company invests in high-quality machines to ensure the best treatments for their clients!


Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Browstation Outlet in Orchard Plaza

Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

1 out of 3 Treatment Rooms

Beauty Bonding For Mother's Day at Browstation

Lounge area

Mother’s Day Date Idea

Our Mother’s Day beauty date at Browstation was more than just about getting our brows done; it was a memorable and comfortable bonding experience that we highly recommend to others. Whether it’s for a touch-up or a complete makeover, taking your mother to Browstation could be a beautiful new tradition for this special day. So why not consider a beauty date next Mother’s Day? It’s not just a gift of beauty, but a shared moment that strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.

Looking to create unforgettable moments with your mother in a place that understands beauty? Visit Browstation and let Vivian the brow expert hightlight your celebration with exquisite care and professionalism. Because beauty is better shared!

Price List

🎀$338—6d Embroidery
Define stroke.The most natural and similar our own hair.
✅ Recover period 7 days avoid product and water.

🎀$388—Powder mist embroidery
Machine technique , make up powder look.
Most popular technique.
✅ No recover period. Can direct wash face touch water after 4 hours.

🎀$398—6D+misty embroidery
Combine 6d and misty two technique in the same time.
✅ Recover period 7 days avoid product and water.

🎀$238—Invisible eyeliner
Korea style lash liner, enlarge ur eyes all the time.
✅ Recover period 7 days

🎀$288— Eyeliner (with wing)
Define your eyes with precision and lasting style with our eyeliner tattoo service. Say goodbye to smudges and hello to effortless beauty.
✅ Recover period 7 days

🎀$488— Lip Blush
Enhance your natural beauty with our lip blush service. Achieve a soft, subtle color that lasts, giving you perfectly tinted lips from morning to night.
✅ Recover period 5-7 days

All price include one touch up and scar cream. Touch up must be after one month and within three months.
➡️➡️ Whatapps : 86618501 for more picture and appt. Located at Orchard Plaza #07-15.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/browstation_embroidery
Facebook: https://facebook.com/browstation


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