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With the pandemic still going on, many of us may not have stepped into the cinema since COVID-19 has surfaced. Having a home theatre would be something that would have crossed our minds during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker or travel lockdowns.

I really enjoy going to the cinemas to watch blockbuster films because of the big screen! With the right home theatre projector screen, I can now bring the cinema experience to my own home! There are a lot of benefits to creating a home theatre. Firstly, if you are a big movie lover like myself, it will save you money over the long run, considering how the prices of movies and theatre snacks have increased over the years! It also puts you completely in control of what you watch, when you watch it, and who you watch it with. Plus, it can be a great bonding experience for the whole family! Date nights are made convenient too!

LUMOS Projector System Comes In Two Versions

The Smart LUMOS runs on Android OS with various options for wireless projection, available at S $398. This “one piece” is all you need to get your home theatre setup up and running! The projector projects a full HD image with 6000 lumens! It went beyond my expectations with its excellent picture quality! I do not need to be in a completely dark room to watch what was displayed!

There are also the regular projectors which are priced at S$299, which requires a physical connection. This means you will need to connect your laptop or thumb drive for it to work. I do not recommend this option as it is worth paying $100 more for convenience! Unless you are using it as a projector for work in your office, then you can consider the cheaper alternative.

LUMOS Key Summary Features

My favourite feature that I truly enjoy is that the projector is able to mirror both Android and iOS devices with the pre-installed AirScreen and Mcast apps, without cables. AirScreen turns the projector into an AirPlay display for mac and iOS, while Mcast allows it to connect to PCs and Android devices which have Miracast technology. I am also able to plug in a USB flash drive or an SD card to access images, videos, and audio files.

1. Massive Screen with Little Space

Short Throw (1.3:1) is good for smaller bedrooms in HDB/condo. Having a 3m distance allows an impressive 100-inch screen projection.

2. Native FHD 1080p

Great visual clarity that is Blu-Ray movie standard.

3. Bright 6,000 Lumens

High Brightness makes the colours more vivid in darkness. Visuals are not grainy or washed out. (Normal ones are around 2,000-3,000.)

4. Inbuilt Netflix+ Youtube

LUMOS projector has its own inbuilt Android operating system which makes it literally plug and play. Having the 2 most used streaming apps makes this smart projector super convenient to use!

5. Wireless Mirror Casting

Extremely easy to connect via wifi to mirror smartphones. It can be used to play mobile games, Spotify, or even Zoom call over a huge screen while lying in bed or for better viewing for many people at the same time.

6. Premium & Elegant Look

Minimalistic & sleek look adds a touch of modernity to any part of the house.

7. Inbuilt Dolby Audio

Good cinematic surround sound that is powerful enough just on its own. Perfect for screen movies.

5-Star Reviews

Since its launch, the LUMOS Auro projector has received many satisfied user reviews on its website with hundreds of 5-star reviews. #supportlocal I can totally understand why! It is a 5-star product for me too! Contact LUMOS now for your purchase!

Website: www.lumosprojector.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lumosprojector

About The LUMOS Brand

LUMOS is a proud home-grown local Singaporean brand that strives to bring the best quality projectors at market-breaking prices. They offer a full 1-year local warranty and dedicated customer support.

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