In line with The Ladies Cue’s Fempreneur Series, Watsons Singapore, has launched its new initiative ‘for SG by SG’ on August 14, 2020. The leading go-to health and beauty retailer designed to empower the local small businesses here. This will mark the first-of-its-kind industry support for the local health & beauty community.

Leveraging on its existing digital infrastructure at Watsons Online, Watsons Singapore aims to extend its support to the local business community by increasing the visibility of their products to close to 10 million online visitors annually, and the growing Watsons membership of over 1 million members. These brands will also be given the added visibility of physical store presence through pop-ups at Watsons Ngee Ann City store amongst others.

Under the newly-created ‘for SG by SG’ product curation, the featured brands range from organic toothpaste and handmade candles to henna dyes, for consumers who increasingly prefer DIY personal care at home. Amongst these are Botanica Culture, ROOKI, Sixth Senses Aromatics, Souffle Beauty and SVA, to name a few. Enterprise Singapore supported the ‘for SG by SG’ initiative by facilitating the discussions between suitable local retail brands and Watsons, and will continue to do so.

Every small purchase can make an impact

We can now discover and support small local businesses while buying their all-time favourites, simply with one click at Watsons Online. With ‘for SG by SG’, the local brands category at Watsons Singapore expands to a stable of 15 local brands* in August. More brands will be introduced in subsequent phases.

Botanica Culture

Botanica Culture started off between two chemists, with one trying to figure out the best solution in overcoming one of the most common oral diseases. Realising the gap in the ready-made oral hygiene products in the market, they decided to embark on creating organic liquid toothpastes based on food grade organic oils, ensuring that bad bacteria are removed completely. The success of clearing away the oral disease has led them to produce more anti-inflammatory products for their consumers.



A young brand making its debut in 2019, ROOKI is a passion project by a young entrepreneur who, like most millennials, struggled to find a purpose in her career as she strives to do more and make a little difference. Hence, a clean beauty line, using Asian ingredients such as matcha, kombu and wakame, was born to educate consumers on the right way of caring for Asian skin, especially in a humid and hot climate here in Singapore.

Sixth Sense, Watsons

Sixth Sense, Watsons

While learning to overcome her own health challenges, the founder of Sixth Sense started her small business when she embarked on a health and wellness journey. Upon knowing there is no  specific treatment for her, this realisation indirectly motivated her to look for complementary treatment -aromatherapy. She left her full-time job to pursue her own healing, and eventually, sharing her new-found product formulae, in the hopes that others can also live a positive and fulfilling life, regardless of personal health challenges.

Souffle Beauty

Souffle Beauty

The ingenuity behind Souffle Beauty is driven by a need to create a never-before invigorating experience in personal care that caters to the humidity in Singapore. Influenced by the ingredients used during their grandmothers’ time, the duo of Souffle Beauty has rediscovered and reinvented the past, made better with technology. Lab-tested in 60 degree weather, their new products have been winning rave reviews locally.


Created by a communications and marketing professional, the founder of SVA delved into the personal care business with her passion in understanding medicinal herbs and sourcing of natural ingredients. To cater to the small but growing consumers who prefer to minimise the use of harsh chemicals as part of hair care, the owner of SVA did multiple product testings over time. Through her sheer perseverance, SVA was born.

Discover more local small businesses in beauty & personal care at https://www.watsons.com.sg/ and follow @watsonssg on Instagram and Watsons.sg on Facebook for latest updates and promotions.

About Watsons Singapore

Watsons is Singapore’s leading beauty and health retailer with more than 100 stores located islandwide, including their enhanced health platform with 39 pharmacies located within the key stores. Their aim is to bring more to customers lives, and enable them to “look good and feel great”.

Watsons clinched the top spot for ‘Personal Care Store’, ‘Best Retail Loyalty Card’ and won the No. 1 in Asia’s Top 1000 brands’ by Nielsen and Campaign Asia for the 12th consecutive year this year.