Stayed at home for too long since the start of the year 2020? The global pandemic has changed our lifestyles so much! With the impossibilities of traveling at this moment, it is the best chance to rediscover our homeland. Chinatown has so much more to offer than just the sights. In this article, we are going to uncover what Chinatown has to offer. Let’s Rediscover Chinatown!

Check-In To Porcelain Hotel

To be able to immerse yourself, one of the best ways is to live, breathe, and taste at a comfortable pace. We highly recommend a staycation for a night or two, and the Porcelain Hotel is just the place to do so!

Brilliantly located on one of Chinatown’s best known historical lanes, Porcelain Hotel lies perfectly on Mosque Street, surrounded by traditional and picturesque shops.

The hotel comprises of a few adjoining, traditional shop-houses, reflecting the enclave’s rich history. Well-appointed guestrooms are perfectly designed to meet the standard.

Enjoy the rich traditional patterns of Chinese porcelains mix with modern striking colors at Porcelain Hotel, the perfect location for those who want to blend in the mixture of modern interiors with the old charm. Brilliantly located on one of Chinatown’s best known historical lanes, Porcelain Hotel lies perfectly on Mosque Street, surrounded by traditional and picturesque shops.

Despite being in a prime location, Porcelain Hotel offers great prices as well. Click here to check out promotional prices exclusive for The Ladies Cue readers.

Walk Along The Streets of Chinatown

One of the many sights you can see while strolling the streets of Chinatown is the true heart of the Chinese Culture. There are stores selling a wide variety of items, ranging from food to decor. This would allow you to remember your roots as to how businesses were conducted and how such places were seen everywhere.

Indeed there is never a dull moment here, from the endless lunch crowd to the bustling markets.

Having walked through the streets of Chinatown, you would have been pulled by fragrant food aromas. Dining in Chinatown is a special experience as you would be doing so on a permanently closed off street. Moreover, there are a plethora of stalls for you to choose from that are a good representation of local cuisine, however, prices may veer towards tourist premiums. 

Cultural Heritage Galore

In Singapore, it is not unusual to find places of worship from different religions in close proximity to one another. In Chinatown, this is especially true. You can start off at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where the Buddha’s Tooth is housed. This temple has remarkable architecture, you will notice it has a very high ceiling in the main hall, and on top of that, the bell and drum tower are on the same floor too. The sacred relic is then kept on the 4th floor in the solid gold 2-metre stupa.

Next, you can move on to Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, The Sri Mariamman Temple. This temple features a five-tier gopuram that raises above the main entrance, which is embellished with sculptures of Hindu deities, other figures, and ornaments.

“Kueh” In Comfort

If it is getting too hot or if you are too tired from walking, just head back to the hotel and order in a platter of Kueh to enjoy in your room! Kuehs are bite-sized snack or dessert foods commonly found in South East Asia, mainly made from rice or glutinous rice.

Kueh Ho Jiak makes kueh as visually appealing as it is delightful to the taste. While most kueh makers use the “tortoise” mold exclusively for Ang Ku Kueh, they up the fun level by using cute, colourful and less common mold designs like teddy bear, koi fish, and flowers, etc. Their products are impeccably hand-crafted and freshly made every day with only natural ingredients!

Unwind and Relax

After satisfying your pallet with colourful and delicious kueh, head over to The Oriental Spa Chamber to experience serenity. Located at the lobby of the hotel, Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, aims to be one of the finest luxurious spas in Singapore. Tastefully decorated in an Oriental setting, the spa offers a haven of relaxation and hospitality with modern amenities. It is ideal for those seeking a well-deserved spa break with solutions to their beauty needs.

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Wholesome End To The Day

What’s better than enjoying hotpot with family and friends. At Yue Long Men Hotpot, you can enjoy delicious broths and amazing ingredients at a reasonable price. You also get to enjoy free flow xiao long baos! Xiao long baos are buns filled with hot soup, soup dumplings as some would call it. You would definitely leave wanting to come back again!

Chinatowns all over the world are known to be bustling, and Singapore’s is no exception. There are always new things for one to experience and things for you to reminisce about your roots. Gather your friends and family for a day at Chinatown to rediscover Singapore’s Chinese Culture.

We hope you enjoy Chinatown as much as our team did! Special mention to Squarefixed Photography as well as Cherry Chong our Videographer, for making this project possible! In addition, we would like to thank our sponsors and partners once again for being a part of “Rediscovering Chinatown” as we remember our roots together to appreciate what we have!

Rediscovering Chinatown Sponsors

Staycation: Porcelain Hotel
Body Massage & Spa: Huang Ah Mah, The Oriental Spa Chamber
Flowers: AngelFlorist
Skincare: Ojesh
Makeup: ELLE
Nails: Bling Bling Nails Novena
Halal Certified Traditional High-tea: Kueh Ho Jiak
F&B: Yue Long Men Hotpot
Photography: Squarefixed
Videography: Cherry Chong

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