Ladies in this new era are considered well-educated and pursuing their own career. Some or most might be having a better income and freedom as compared to the past. 

However, once when a lady turns into a mom, her entire life journey starts changing as motherhood kicks in. Without any form of training, she becomes a counsellor, nutritionist, EMT, teacher, psychiatrist, nurturer, emergency management person, transporter, attendant, maid, crisis intervention expert, personal banker, and the list goes on. 

Being A Mother

Mothers may have to up giving up their career and dreams to be a stay-home mum due to their domestic or personal issues. A lot of them chose to be a stay-home mom because of the unconditional love and would hope to look after their child/ children. A lot feel that they should sacrifice and spend time to bring up their child/ children at 0-6 or even up to 12 years old; so that their spouse could have full focus at work. 

When Mothers decide to find a job after years of detachment from the working society, they have fear, challenges and not being competitive as compared those who are young, dynamic or have the networking and working experiences. They start to feel lousy and inferior. 

Problems Faced After Being a Mother

Not everyone gets to be a part of a perfect love story. Having to be married to a loving, responsible and understanding spouse would make motherhood a beautiful journey. However, not everyone is blessed. There are spouses who are insensitive, may lack communication which could eventually lead to having affairs. There are also spouses that may have passed on or even abandoned their wives and family due to unforeseen happenings. This leads mothers to become single moms, bringing up their child/ children single handedly. Can we imagine how much tears and hardships a single mom needs to take on if there is no family nor relatives’ support? We have not mentioned about issues such as health or career. 

A working mom has to take on multi-tasks, rush for work and juggle with household issues. She also has to look after the kids. Most moms will have mom guilt and would feel bad when they have lesser  time to take care or be with their children. Being busy creates a gap between the mom and baby, child or children. Those that belong in the sandwich generations would also have to take time out to take care of their parent/s and in laws.

Our Children Gives Us Strength

After reading all these, do you feel the stress of being a mom? Mothers are mentally and physically exhausted. How do moms gathered their strength? We believe that it is done through the understanding from their spouses , love and actions of service; or seeing their child/ children growing up happy, healthy with a promising future.

Salute to working moms or mompreneurs who have young kids and/ or are working from home. We may have worries of our careers or income being affected due to the global economy recession. Perhaps some of us are struggling at this moment to keeping the business and employees through this economic downturn.

You Are Not Alone

We all have to understand that lives are bounds to have ups and downs. There are parents who are in the extreme financial hardship, fighting chronic illness or death alongside their child, or helping their child to fit in socially or academically. 

No mothers want their child/ children to suffer in even the smallest ways. Every mother wants to create a smooth pathway for their child/ children. Even if mothers are not deeply appreciated by their child/ children and husbands, mothers still do their best to provide for the family.

To all mothers, give yourself a great pat on our shoulder. Learn how to self-love and self-care. Cultivating a supportive community around you will go a long way – family, friends or online – and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. The Ladies Cue is here for you too! We’ve got your back!

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