With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is really common to hear advices on personal hygiene and taking Vitamin C to boost your immunity. Unsurprisingly, technology has caught up and successfully combined these two into one! While this innovation does not exactly include edible Vitamin C, bathing in Vitamin C is now made possible with RUHENS (http://ruhens.com.sg)!


Shower heads that filters out harmful chlorine and particles, reduces hair loss and dry skin problems with Vitamin C, and smells good!

RUHENS, known for its advanced filtration technology from Korea, has launched a series of shower heads with Vitamin C filters that comes with three popular scents to complete the perfect shower luxury – Lavender, Lime, and Rose. The RUHENS shower head filters harmful chlorine, moisturizes the hair and skin with Vitamin C, and brings about calming effects during showers with naturally derived essential oil filters.


Vitamin C Chlorine Filter for Smoother and Softer Skin and Hair

While chlorine is used to destroy bacteria and germs in tap water, the residual chemical can also cause skin irritation, dry skin, and brittle hair when used for daily showers. The RUHENS Shower Head filters out 99.9% chlorine and harmful particles from daily showers  and infuses the water with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C that benefits the skin and hair, reducing hair loss and moisturizes the skin. Families with young children and babies will especially benefit from this as their skin is more delicate.


High Pressure Fine Mist Shower Experience

With shower head diameter of 76mm and 296 jet spray heads, the RUHENS shower head provides the ultimate high pressure and fine mist shower experience. On top of giving users a shower massage, the strong water pressure also provides a strong cleansing effect to thoroughly clean pores during their showers.

Aromatic Shower Experience with Naturally Derived Essential Oil Filters

The RUHENS Shower Head Filter comes with 3 different scents to provide aromatic benefits to the users.


The most popular choice for aromatherapy, the Lavender fragrance helps to promote calmness and wellness. It is also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain.


The Rose scent is believed to help with the easing of pain (for example relief from menstrual discomfort), decreasing anxiety and stress, and it also comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties.


The pleasing and refreshing citrus scent of Lime brings about a restorative effect, with the user feeling fresh and more energetic after his or her shower. The Lime scent also improves appetite.

The RUHENS Scented Shower Head with Vitamin C filter comes in three different scents, each individually packed and retailing at $129.00 per unit (showerhead and 1 filter). Each filter is able to last for up to 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of use. The RUHENS Shower Head also comes in the original Vitamin C filter.



RUHENS is a global brand with 28 years of well-established water purification and filtration manufacturing technology. Their long-standing reputation as a leader in water purification technology has brought RUHENS to the global stage.  Now, RUHENS exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Every product delivered to homes are of the highest quality standards.

RUHENS places research and development as our top priority, and we are making continuous efforts for safer, cleaner water. Investing in Wonbong’s unique technology development, we are leaping forward as a global leading company that is leading the world’s leading environmental appliances.

As a global leader in home-health technology and appliances, RUHENS’ relentless focus on research and development has produced many cutting-edge home products.

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