Ensuring a clean and comfortable environment is essential for my loved ones’ well-being since we have been staying home for the past few weeks. Is there anything you have done differently to your homes?
For me, one of the key changes was to get an essential oil diffuser for my home (as recommended by a friend). An essential oil diffuser takes an oil and transforms it into a fine, microscopic mist of oil droplets—dispersing the oil (and the scent) through the air. This allows you to enjoy the aroma of an essential oil for an extended period of time, making essential oil diffusion the most convenient, simple way to use essential oils aromatically. I didn’t realize there were such huge difference in making your homes smell good!
I found 6 wonderful health benefits to using an essential oil diffuser. Check them out!
doTERRA, essential oil, essential oil diffuser

Purifies the Air

doTERRA, essential oil, oregano
By using essential oils with purifying properties, you can dispel unwanted odours and replace them with pure, pleasant scents. If you use high quality oils that are free from contaminants and fillers, essential oils provide a safe, natural way to purify the air in any room, without inhaling harmful toxins. Research has shown that oregano, cinnamon, thyme and clove are the strongest and most effective antibiotic oils. This is important because I have a two-months-old baby and 16-month-old toddler at home!

Relieves Stress, Depression and Anxiety

doTERRA, essential oil, lavender
Recent studies have confirmed the power of essential oils like lavender to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, and promote relaxation. Just search “lavender and aromatherapy” into PubMed and you can find countless results on how lavender is effective in relaxing individuals who are going through stressful periods.

Promotes Good Sleep

Many essential oils can promote neurotransmitter activity in your brain, and stimulate a release of the hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, leading to restful, uninterrupted sleep. Excellent choices include bergamot, sandalwoodcedarwood and lavender. They have the ability to exert a powerful calming effect on the mind and body through their influence on the limbic region of the brain. Diffusing these oils 20-30 minutes before bedtime is known to dramatically improve and support the body’s natural sleep cycles and combat sleep issues like insomnia, racing thoughts, and stress. You may consider diffusing lavender in the bedroom to relax before bed and prepare for a restful night of sleep.

Creates a Strong Anti-Viral Environment

doTERRA, essential oil, on guard

OnGuard has been used by many for boosting immunity and has demonstrated ability to inhibit the growth of pathogens. Prevention is better than cure and it’s wise to diffuse and apply OnGuard consistently. It’s a must have for me to create an environment that I know will protect my family and loved ones.

Improves Respiratory HealthdoTERRA, essential oil, breathe

Essential oil eliminates mucus in lungs and nasal passages, thus improving the overall respiratory health. Some of the essential oil like eucalyptus, peppermint and blends like Breathe have powerful decongestant powers. What an awesome remedy to keep your nasal passages unblocked!

Helps to Repel Insects

A lot of insects cannot stand the aroma of diffused essential oils, and it can actually be fatal, making these oils great for preventing mosquitoes, gnats, and other pesky bugs from disturbing your space. Best insect-repellent oils include peppermint, lavender, cinnamongeranium, and cedarwood. Keep these pests at bay!

Safer Alternative

Many candles out there, both scented and unscented, are often made with toxic paraffin wax that gives off dangerous vapours like benzene and toluene – the same vapours found in diesel fuel exhaust. Unless you buy 100% natural waxes, you are inhaling these toxic vapours. Using an essential oil diffuser to naturally scent your home is an incredibly effective and healthy way to enjoy the scents.

My Current Favourite Essential Oil Diffuser

My current favourite is undoubtedly the doTERRA Petal Diffuser. It is small, light and easy to use. You can set the diffuser timing based on your preference (up to 12 hours). Its ultra thin mist can reach up to 330 square feet. I love how compact it is!
It is important to get your essential oils from reputable sources. The doTERRA starter kit is a good choice to get when you are considering which essential oils to get because it consists of TEN different oils, which brings about all the benefits I mentioned above! Definitely value-for-money!
doTERRA, essential oil, essential oil diffuser

Breathe, Deep Blue (5 mL), DigestZen, Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, On Guard, Oregano, Peppermint, Petal Diffuser, Fractionated Coconut Oil

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