You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

The importance of making the right first impression cannot be overestimated, because first impressions influence later impressions. Good news to all Fempreneurs! You can now impress your business associates by creating a powerful first impression! With just one tap!

Your Network Is Your Networth

Business cards are a staple of the corporate and professional world. The objective of a business card is to show all of your contact details in a single and convenient manner. By handing a business card to someone you meet, you’re more likely to continue the conversation later.

But let’s be honest. 80% of the time, we either throw away a name card we have received at a networking event or misplaced it because after all, it is nothing but a small and flimsy piece of paper!

With social media platforms being a part of businesses these days, we feel that it is essential to begin the use of digital business cards.  Digital name cards not only allow us to share all of our contact details in one convenient view, it is also easy to consolidate all of your social media accounts in a single view! Most of us are on so many platforms (Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, and more) that it can be overwhelming to share all of those details at once. One-click is all it takes to take someone offline into your digital space. That’s where virtual business cards shine!

One Good Card

Each card has a built-in wireless chip that transmits your profile to the receiver’s phones via Near-Field Communication (NFC). A simple tap or hovering the card near the phone will open your fully-customisable profile. Older model phones without NFC can scan the QR code on the card with their camera to view the profile.

Personalize the cards with your name. Include your full name, given name, or even a nickname! You also have the option to add in an additional line (job title, number, email) for most designs. One Good Card is suitable for all! It does not matter if you are a successful businesswoman, self-employed personnel, or a social media talent/ influencer! Make use of this digital card to bring your name/ brand to the next level!

In addition, One Good Card is a contribution to environmental sustainability. There is no longer the need to print endless name cards. Remember the days where you received your printed name cards and noticed a slight mistake on it? Then you have to send it back for reprinting which costs more time and money?

One Good Card is a one-time payment basis during purchase, with no hidden fees or recurring fees thereafter. The brand believes in building trust and is 100% transparent with their customers about their products.

So, if you’re wondering, “how do you make an electronic business card?” the answer lies in this section. Great news to share: “Click here to start customizing your digital cards and remember to use the promo code <THELADIESCUE> for 10% off your purchase! (No minimum quantity purchase is being required!).”


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