Profhilo is a multi-purpose skin injection treatment for skin rejuvenation, hydration, and collagen stimulation. Profhilo delivers five times more hyaluronic acid compared to Skinboosters and contains both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid molecules (H-HA and L-HA).

This hybrid hyaluronic acid complex has been shown to increase collagen and elastin formation in the skin, maintain the violability of skin cells for healthier skin, and recruit stem cells for enhanced renewal.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is the first non-BDDE hyaluronic acid injectable for skin hydration. It has the highest concentration of HA in the market (64mg/2cc). Profhilo is thermally bound to generate stabilized hybrid complexes of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

The thermally cross-linked hyaluronic acid hybrid is slowly released and spreads out under the skin, allowing it to last longer for bio remodeling of the skinIBSA Pharma is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland for hyaluronic acid production & products containing hyaluronic acid and have developed Profhilo as a proven treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Profhilo is suitable for all skin types or anyone who is suitable for standard dermal filler treatments. Profhilo is especially recommended for those with dehydrated skin and those with fine lines and wrinkles. It is safer than most hyaluronic acid-based treatments for skin aging.

The 5 Bio Aesthetic Point technique is specially developed by Profhilo to treat areas in the lower face and neck. However, many doctors have also used Profhilo to treat areas in the body where there is skin laxity such as the hands and knees. Results so far have been encouraging.

The 5 Bio Aesthetic Point Technique

Unlike Skinboosters or Rejuran which requires a series of micro-injections over the face, Profhilo only needs 5 points per cheek for treatment of the whole face or treatment area. This means that for face treatment, a total of 10 injection points are needed (5 on each side) as compared to others.

Skin booster treatments require at least 30 injection points. These 5 Bio Aesthetic Points are selected areas of the face or treatment area that have no large blood vessels or nerve branches.

This minimizes the risk of bruising while allowing for maximal diffusion of Profhilo’s hybrid hyaluronic acid complex across the entire face or treatment area.

Although Profhilo only requires 5 injections per side of your face, it is not an easy procedure. This treatment requires the injector to have a strong knowledge of facial anatomy and extensive experience in facial injectables to ensure the best results for the patient.

Prior to treatment, Dr. Hoe will map out the 5 injection points and apply numbing cream. Unlike traditional injection techniques, 0.2ml of Profhilo is carefully injected into the specific injection points.

During this time, the slow release of hyaluronic acid stimulates four different types of collagen and elastic. The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides a hydrating effect; while the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides a lifting effect. Together, both stimulate collagen and elastin at different depths of the skin.

While hydrating effects of Profhilo can be seen after one session which is approximately 10-15 mins, generally for most patients, about 2 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

Patients with moderate saggy skin may require another 1 or 2 sessions in order to see a lifting effect. Thereafter, two maintenance sessions every 6 months is recommended. Bio-remodelling and collagen-building results of Profhilo can take up to 3 to 6 months to be evident. Generally, results last for about a year.

Profhilo is very safe with no reported side effects. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body, so there is minimal risk of an allergy reaction. The slow release of biocompatible hyaluronic acid also minimizes the risk of inflammation and granuloma. With the 5 Bio Aesthetic Point technique, the risk of bruising is highly reduced and hence patients can expect minimal to no downtime.

Maximal deep skin hydration – Highest hyaluronic acid concentration in the market.

Boosts collagen and elastin levels Longevity – lasts 30x longer than other non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler.

How Much Does It Cost?

SGD1,000 per session (before GST) and may require 2-3 sessions per person. It is very subjective to an individual’s results and most probably could last from 9-12 months.

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