As our children grow, it is important for them to get enough vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health. Most children get their nutrients from their balanced diet but they may not always be eating well. How can we as mothers solve this with peace of mind and stress-free-me-time with OLLY Gummy Supplements?

OLLY understands the importance of kid’s health, and that is why the fastest growing gummy supplement brand in the USA developed OLLY KIDS IMMUNITY gummy vitamins: to support parents with a simple solution to help defend against illnesses.

“Happy kids mean happy parents and OLLY wants to help ensure just that. OLLY’s gummy supplements are developed by an experienced team of US-based health and nutrition experts with a mission to make health delightfully easy. OLLY’s range of delicious gummy supplements is just as effective as they are easy – to shop, to understand and to use, which means busy parents can have peace of mind and much-needed me-time at the end of a long day”. ~ Marga Mathijssen Global Head of Marketing Health & Wellbeing, Unilever.

OLLY Kids Immunity

Launched in May 2020, OLLY Kids Immunity packs a powerful blend with Wellmune® Beta Glucan, a scientifically backed ingredient for keeping little bodies’ immune defending cells in tip-top shape. Small but mighty, these powerful little gummies are packed with more hard-working heroes. Acerola cherry is one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C. Elderberry is a go-to superfood used for centuries for its immunity-supporting benefits. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps keep immune cells in peak performance.

OLLY Kids Immunity transforms the mundane vitamin experience into an enjoyable one with its delicious and easy to take gummy format, helping to empower parents to take charge of their children’s health in a simple yet effective way.

For even more peace of mind, OLLY Kids Immunity was named a finalist in the Infant & Child Nutrition Initiative of the Year by NutraIngredients-Asia (2020). In addition, these chewy gummies are suitable for children aged 2 and above.

Introducing OLLY’s Self-Care Besties For Parents:

With all the focus on your kiddo’s development, it’s easy to forget about yourself. To combat the worrying parenting brings, OLLY has created Goodbye Stress, to keep you calm, cool, and collected. And, when your little one is tucked up safely in bed, enjoy some much-needed self-care time with OLLY Undeniable Beauty to keep your hair and skin in tip-top shape, and you shining bright.

Goodbye Stress

OLLY Goodbye Stress is USA’s #1 selling Stress gummy supplement. This power-packed blend works fast to help counter the bad vibes, with a boost of just what your body needs to help keep you calm. Each gummy contains GABA, a fast working active (works within 30-60 minutes). This supports a relaxed state of mind to help combat stress, L-Theanine, GABA’s partner in sublime – this amino acid goes right to work in your brain to help you keep your cool, and lemon balm, a soothing botanical that has been used for centuries to help quiet the mind.

GABA is an amino acid that boosts alpha brainwaves, the same wave patterns generated during meditation, yoga, and exercise. It reflects a zen state of mind. GABA is also one of the body’s most important defenses against stress – and long-term ongoing stress can affect your mood, immunity system, memory, energy, and digestion.

Undeniable Beauty

When you get a little me-time, why not care for your body from the inside out? Take products that not only help you look good but make you feel even better! With a mission to make health delightfully easy, OLLY Undeniable Beauty gummy vitamins will help you say hello to clear, healthy skin and lustrous locks.

OLLY Undeniable Beauty is packed with antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, and minerals like zinc and selenium that get right to the source to support clear healthy skin and lustrous hair from the inside out.

Get your daily dose of OLLY in Singapore today, from selected Watsons stores island-wide, Watsons online, LAZADA, Shopee, and RedMart.

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