“With the ambition to make science accessible, the women-led R&D team at IRÉN Skin aims to motivate and inspire women, starting with the shopping experience.” – IRÉN SKIN

Japanese Skincare Reimagined

Made in Japan, IRÉN Skin combined traditional Japanese rituals with tried and tested ingredients. This enhances their efficacy with advanced patented technology: Ziplock Encapsulation. IRÉN Skin is the leading Japanese clean beauty brand to ban more than 2,000 ingredients that are toxic, comedogenic, or allergenic. On top of being vegan and cruelty-free, IRÉN Skin also stands against SLE/SLES, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic colours, drying alcohols, and artificial fragrances.

Serums, as we all know, are skincare products that contain a high proportional concentration of specific active ingredients which can be applied daily to improve skin condition. They also aid to lock in moisture when used with moisturizers.

First-ever Ziplock Encapsulation Technology

IRÉN Superfruit Booster Customized Serum has a smart Ziplock Encapsulation Technology. It uses a patented material to “zip-lock” the freshness of each active molecule with a time-release effect for an extended efficacy and optimal penetration into the deeper dermis layer. The compacted particles are nano-sized, which made it easier to absorb into the skin.

Another smart design about IRÉN Superfruit Booster Customized Serum is its hassle-free cap. The cap dispenses a suitable amount of serum when it is twisted while opening. This unique dispenser automatically draws up the serum without trapping air bubbles, therefore minimizing the risk of contamination.

The serums are non-greasy, easy to apply, and highly absorbent into the skin. They come in a series of seven different happy-coloured 15ml bottles of superfruit serums. Each serum targets a specific skin concern and is encapsulated with powerful ingredients. We can further blend 3 serums together, creating 35 possible combinations for individual skin needs too. Apply directly onto skin or pair the customized blend with IRÉN Skin Vaporizer. This will transform the serum into a fine mist for quick application and enhanced results.

IRÉN 7 Superfruit Booster Serums:

  1. SKIN REBOOT (Beetroot extract + 4% Caffeine solution) – an antioxidant serum for damaged skin. [Resets and restores the skin condition with fast healing speed, skin cells, and structure regeneration. A shield against free radicals, UV rays damage, blue light exposure, stress, and pollution.]
  2. FOREVER YOUNG (Goji Berry extract + 10% Argireline peptide complex) – an anti-aging serum for premature ageing skin. [A dual-action lifting effect through the combination of two peptides that tightens the skin and stimulates collagen production. Repairs skin tissue and relax muscles to achieve wrinkle-free skin.]
  3. GLOW-GETTER (Pumpkin Seed extract + 5% Glycolic Acid) – a renewal serum for dull skin. [Activates skin resurfacing and repairing with exfoliants, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics, which will smooth away skin roughness and restore skin dullness by refining pores.]
  4. STAR LIGHT (Yuzu extract + 2% Alpha-Arbutin) – a brightening serum for pigmented skin. [Reduce visible signs of pigmentation by keeping melatonin at bay. Diminishes the appearance of dark spots, evens out skin tone, and illuminates dull skin.]
  5. KEEP CALM (Avocado extract + 1% Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate) – a soothing serum for sensitive skin. [Calms sensitive skin by first healing it and reducing redness, before hydrating it by repairing the natural moisture barrier for quick recovery.]
  6. QUENCH-UP (Blueberry extract + 4% NMF Solution) – a hydrating serum for dehydrated skin. [A blend of 12 moisturizing ingredients for up to 12 times the moisture. Replenishes instantly and intensely for a plump, dewy complexion.]
  7. CLEARER DAYS (Mangosteen extract + 8% Niacinamide) – an anti-blemish serum for acne-prone skin. [Combats excess sebum activity, soothes acne flares, and protects against future breakouts. Decongests pores to clarify imperfections without drying the skin out.]

“True to the brand’s Happy Skin promise, IRÉN Skin is committed to manufacturing all products with honesty, integrity, and 100% transparency.” – IRÉN SKIN 

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