Skinlycious is the only brand representing Singapore as part of Sephora Accelerate 2020. The six-month-long program is aimed at building a supportive community for women who are in the early stages of business.

An Acne Problem Is An Inspiration to Building This Skincare Brand 

In 2013, Jasmine Kang started Skinlycious and invested a 5-figure capital to get the company started. For 14 long years, Jasmine struggled with all the different forms of acne. After trying so many ways to get rid of her acne, she used her biomedical science background coupled with her experience with many anti-acne products to find the right blend of ingredients and concentrations that really alleviated her skin problems. 

Skinlycious was born. It prioritises optimal concentrations of active ingredients backed by scientific research in all its formulations; taking pH into account to enable the right conditions for active ingredients to work effectively on your skin.

Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Step 1: Cleanse Skin with a Calming Cleanser

Skinlycious Calming Cleanser controls acne while ridding your skin of daily grime, impurities, and dead skin cells without leaving it dry or irritated. Most importantly, the gentle cleanser calms skin and reduces redness, as well as, balances skin pH level. It is suitable for normal, acne-prone to oily skin types.

Step 2: Clear Acne, Blackheads Fast with Exfoliator (1-3 Times Per Week)

Be gentle; do not scrub or use harsh exfoliants. Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant breaks down pimples, blackheads, cystic acne. It further helps to exfoliate built-up layers of dead skin cells to reveal a smoother glowing complexion. The chamomile flower extract helps to soothe skin irritations and reduce sensitivity. This is usable on all skin types.

Step 3: Moisturise Your Skin

Skinlycious Hydrating Serum effortlessly glides on your skin to moisturize, leaving it feeling soft and supple. The serum also firms up your skin to reduce fine lines and keep you looking younger. Achieve a smooth and hydrated skin without clogging your pores. It is suitable for all skin types.

Step 4: Gentle Clearing of Acne

Lastly, apply the Skinlycious Blemish Corrector to quickly reduce acne in just one or two applications. It lightens pigmentation for a visibly clearer and brighter complexion too. The effect is so magical with its effective protection against free radicals and UV damage, that your renewed skin continues to look radiant! This works for all skin types as a gentle treatment for acne with no peeling or dryness. 

To learn more about Skinlycious please visit: https://skinlycious.com/ or their Instagram @skinlycious

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