Best Fitness Tracker Brand to Match Your Outfit With: Fitbit Inspire 2

I always like to track my daily activities. I felt accomplished whenever I clocked 10,000 steps in a day. I exercise two to three times a week, so I like to know the number of calories that I burn in every session! It is also not easy to find a fitness tracker that is useful in its functions, yet it has a nice design! As someone that likes to dress up and wear presentably on every occasion, Fitbit Inspire 2 is conveniently the watch to choose from!

Motivation With Fitbit Premium

Something that attracted me was that every Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with a one year Fitbit premium trial! In the Fitbit Premium, I am able to track my daily lifestyle activities including mindfulness, sleep activity, exercise sessions, health metrics, heart rate, menstrual health, as well as, food and water intake! It also has guided programs for my lifestyle activities, from daily reminders to take my healthy breakfast, to audio podcasts to relax my mind, to workout videos for my exercises!

Connectedness, Right From The Wrist

I use the Premium app to request for my wellness report as well as tracking my sleep analytics! Now, I can take care of myself and my health with Premium!

Up To 10 Days Battery Life

Lastly, it has up to 10 days battery! It is so true, that I am amazed by how long lasting the battery’s life is! This is especially convenient as I have one less electronic device to charge at the end of every day.

Check out the Fitbit Inspire 2 at https://www.fitbit.com/sg/inspire2!

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