Introducing Domino’s latest culinary innovation: the Sate Pizza, a fusion of flavors that pays homage to the beloved grilled meat skewer. This contemporary rendition boasts a luscious essence of satay sauce base with the comforting familiarity of a classic pizza. Let me bring you on a culinary journey to savour the irresistible allure of Sate Pizza with a modern twist!


I have always enjoyed Domino’s Pizza as they constantly create unique pizzas for various occasions. They are also pretty generous with the protein here, with a good balance between the Mains and Toppings. Their thin-crust pizza is what I usually go for because of its crispy texture. As usual, Domino’s Pizza had my tastebud going on an adventure ride once again! 



Cheese Vocalno Sate Pizza

My favourite Pizza from the new Menu would be the Cheese Vocalno Sate Pizza, perfect for cheese and beef lovers like me. Imagine a little “bowl” of melted cheese made by the crust, stationed on the pizza for you to dip it in?! Just the thought of it brings me much satisfaction!



Domino's Pizza Creating New Hype with New Satay Pizza!



My family and I had it for dinner and it was such a comforting meal after a long day of work! With aromatic herbs and spices, the Sate Pizza packs a punch of flavor! Perfect for the satay lover out there because this savory treat is complemented by a sweet and mildly spicy satay sauce. I can actually taste the mild fragrance of peanuts! 



Domino's Pizza Creating New Hype with New Satay Pizza!

Cheese Volcano Sate Beef pizza



My little boy is just as much a glutton as I am, and he cannot resist taking a bite of this pizza. Surprisingly, he could take the mild spice taste, but he enjoyed the cheese dip more!



Domino's Pizza Creating New Hype with New Satay Pizza!

Aziel sharing pizza with her little boy!



The other pizza that my family and I enjoyed was the Sate Chicken Pizza!  I can taste the rich and nutty peanuts here, a good blend of sweet and savory combinations. There were also red onions, Japanese cucumbers, and pickled chili with a generous portion of mozzarella cheese Yummy!



Domino's Pizza Creating New Hype with New Satay Pizza!

Domino’s Pizza Creating New Hype with New Sate Pizza!



Domino’s Sate Pizza is hand-tossed with an airy crust, boosting a crispy texture. The succulent and generous serving of protein chunks is a great highlight for a comforting and satisfying meal! I would say there was a good balance between the protein with the other toppings. 2 Large Pizzas were sufficient for 4 adults here!



Domino's Pizza Creating New Hype with New Satay Pizza!

Domino’s Sate Pizza with Japanese Cucumbers and Pickled Chilli



Dear readers, you can now enjoy 50% off all pizzas starting from 1 pizza order! Be it a party or a normal meal, this is a good deal for you to enjoy and try out Domino’s New Sate Pizza! Try out these new flavours and let me know which is your favorite pizza here!


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About Domino’s Pizza 

With more than eight pizzas sold every second and more than 3,800 stores in 12 markets (Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia) Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (ASX: DMP) is all about delivering the world’s most delicious and versatile bonding food. Our pizza brings people closer. Domino’s Pizza is the world’s leading and fastest-growing pizza delivery company committed to upholding the industry in product quality and operational excellence. Globally, Domino’s Pizza Inc. has more than 18,300 owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and in over 90 markets. Domino’s internationally ranks in the top five companies by the virtue of most online transactions. Domino’s Pizza Singapore was recognized as one of ‘Singapore’s Best Employers 2022’ by The Straits Times & Statista, based on a large-scale and comprehensive study that assesses the attractiveness of organizations in Singapore based on an independent employee survey. It has also been awarded three times with the ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ under the F&B category. This prestigious award recognizes corporations with significant levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace culture. To date, there are 41 Domino’s Pizza stores in the country. 



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