On Mother’s Day, Sunglass Hut wants you to celebrate Mother’s Day with a special treat to celebrate the special love and strength of a Mother. As a new season unlocks, new challenges arise. I did not know how strong I could get until I entered Motherhood with my little boy. Right when we are born in this world, the role of Mother is inevitably important from taking care of our basic needs to guiding us in every new season of growing up.  


A Special Treat For Moms!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Sunglass Hut has set up a special treat for you to create special memories with your Moms! Located at Tangs Plaza, you’ll find a Photo Booth installation done up by Sunglass Hut for you to create digital photos with your Mom! Have fun taking selfies and have these photos sent to your email immediately for your memory keepsake!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Photo taken at Sunglass Hut Photo Booth (Tang Plaza)


I wasn’t able to have my mom with me at the event itself, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot give your mom a little surprise! I know my mom dares to try a new style, so I decided to choose a pair of shades from Burberry for her!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Burberry Shades (Model BE4251Q321353)


Check out how stylish my mom looks with this pair of shades! My mom loves to travel and will always love a pair of shades when she travels out. It’s a timely gift for her as she has all her travel plans set for the year!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Aziel and her mom in shades from Sunglass Hut


I picked out a pair for myself as well. I often shared about my eyewear and I believe many would have known by now that I do not go for a simple classic style. I love my accessories to be as loud as they can! When I first spotted this sparkly pair from Swarovski, that was my perfect pair!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Swarovski 2-in-one clip on Sunglass, SK7011, White


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Voice of The Ladies Cue, Aziel in Swarovski 2-in-1 Sunglasses!!


Why I love this is that it’s a clip on Sunglasses. This means I enjoy a versatile style of going loud, stylish, edgy, or minimalist!


Enjoy Special Deals with Sunglass and Sinpopo!

Take the chance to bring your mom on a shopping treat because you will get to enjoy 50% off a second pair of shades at all Sunglass Hut stores islandwide.


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Celebrates Mother’s Day at Sinpopo with Sunglass Hut


Exclusively at Tangs Plaza, you can stand a chance to receive a complimentary high-tea experience at Sinpopo Café if you are one of the first 100 customers to spend $500 or more (including a Carekit) at Sunglass Hut Tangs Plaza.


Top recommendations for the Trendy Moms!

For the trendy and fashionista moms, check out these pairs that will elevate your mom’s fashion style. With bold lines and sparkly elements, it will surely be a moment of runway show!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut


All-time Classic Moms

Bold and Timeless, put these on for a flair of glamour and confidence! Perfect for moms who prefer classic frames that can elevate any look! You can never go wrong with these! For the mom who likes a classic look, these frames are a great pairing to elevate any look. Timeless frames are the perfect “can’t go wrong” gift.


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut


For The Twinnings!

If you enjoy twinning with your little ones, check out the Chic “Mom & Me” shades. It’s a pity that my boy can’t fit into these yet until years later. But I will know where to get it next time when he’s ready to play twinning with me to be the cool Mother & Son! Flaunt the special connection with these effortless flairs!


Celebrate Mothers’ Love with Sunglasses Hut

Let’s take the chance to celebrate Motherhood with Sunglass Hut! Tag us on social media to share with us your perfect pair with your mom!

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