Chocolates are loved by many of us and are creatively blended into many dessert creations nowadays. From the classic to wild flavours, I’m sure many of us will be able to list a long chunk of flavours at the back of our hands. But I am sure you have most likely not heard of these flavours which I am about to share today. Launched by a local Chocolatier, CHOCOELF presents you with 3 unique Chocolates that are called out to Singapore Food Heritage – Fluffy Chicken Floss Chocolate BarSoy Brew Chocolate Bar, and Black Cold Brew Chocolate Bar.

Established in 2005, CHOCOELF is a local chocolate brand known for its artisanal approach to chocolate-making. With the desire to create chocolates that shout out the unique Singapore Food Heritage, Chocoelf collaborated with 3 notable local brands, Tai Hua (soy sauce brewer), Fragrance (barbequed meat-maker), and Tiong HOe (specialty coffee roaster). 

I am pretty sure these local brands are well-known to many across generations. Each of these chocolates is carefully curated after extensive research and development, creating these 3 unique Fusion Flavoured Chocolate Bars.


Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

CHOCOELF is located at 232 South Bridge Rd


Honestly, I did not know what to expect because the thought of soy sauce chocolate and floss chocolate doesn’t exactly go right. Am I supposed to expect a salty taste or a sweet taste? Coffee on the other hand, I believe is a good blend into chocolate especially if you’re a coffee lover. Let’s not wait further and allow me to bring you on an adventure ride with these chocolates!


CHOCOELF x Fragrance Foodstuff

Fluffy Chicken Floss Chocolate Bar

Fragrance Foodstuff has 55 years of expertise in bak kwa and Asian meat snacks. CHOCOELF went through countless trials before launching this flavour successfully. According to them, it was not an easy process as the proportion of chocolates and floss, as well as the type of chocolate used must be taken into consideration. This unique flavour features chicken floss crisps with milk chocolate. Honestly, I can even taste the floss here, especially at the mid section of the chocolate bar. The combination of sweet and savoury reflects the essence of Singaporean snacking culture. 


Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

Fluffy Chicken Floss Chocolate Bar


CHOCOELF x Tai Hua: 

Umami Soy Brew Chocolate Bar

This is the flavour that I’m super excited to share. Umami Soy Brew Chocolate Bar is indeed the First of its Kind. With 77  years legacy in soy sauce making, who would have known it will have a chocolate creation! It is coupled with innovative dehydration technology to ensure no moisture before it is incorporated into chocolate. I would say I was caught off guard at how a bold, rich savoury soy sauce can be perfectly blended into a chocolate bar. This is indeed an Asian twist with an unforgettable sensory experience. Trust me, this blend is a perfect blend of savoury and sweet with the tint fragrance of soy sauce.


Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

Unami Soy Brew Chocolate Bar


CHOCOELF x Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee:

Black Cold Brew Chocolate Bar

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee has its decade-long expertise in coffee roasting. This collaboration with CHOCOELF has led to the creation of aromatic cold brew blends with dark chocolates. I’m a fan of Dark chocolates but not exactly a coffee lover, yet this flavour has won over my tastebuds. 

Give you a tip, drop the chocolate bar into a cup of warm milk, and you can enjoy a milk chocolate with the aromatic notes of cold brew. Perfect if you need a quick caffeine and sweet treats to get through your day! 


Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

Black Cold Brew Chocolate Bar


Where can you find these yummilicious chocolates?

The three local flavours of chocolates are available at Official retail distributors of CHOCOELF – The Cocoa Trees, The Best Candy Shop in Singapore, and of course conveniently located at their 11 duty-free chocolate stores across all four terminals of Changi Airport and Taste Singapore located at T1 Changi Airport and T4 Changi Airport. Each bar is priced at SGD $12.50 per box (duty-free). 

Head over to CHOCOELF Specialty Chocolate Cafe to get your sweet treats fix.  You’ll be surprised to find a wide variety of cute chocolates here! Check these out:


Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

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Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

Spot the mahjong chocolates!



Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

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Chocoelf launches Chocolates with a Twist of Singapore Heritage!

Unique flavours chocolates



If you’re concerned with too many chocolate treats, fret not. At CHOCOELF, you’ll find most of their chocolates come in their natural taste with NO SUGAR added! 

Do watch out for other flavours such as Kaya Toast, Nanyang Coffee, Chilli Pepper, Orchid Vanilla and even Salted egg! Experience the vibrant spirit of Singapore with these chocolates! 


CHOCOELF Opening Hours:

Every Monday to Thursday and Sunday 10:00 am to 7:30 pm. Every Friday to Saturday from 10:00 am – 9:30 pm.


Website: https://chocoelf.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chocoelfchocolate
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chocoelf 



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