With the clock to Valentine’s Day clicking down, it is time to find the right gifts to please all you love ones in you life! No one loves a gift that is planned last minute on the day itself, so take some time out to prepare these gifts for your mother, sister, best friend and princess baby girl! It is too dull if Valentine’s Day is only meant for romantic couples isn’t it?

What to get for Valentine’s Day?

Every girl loves flowers! We may say that it is pointless to spend money on flowers, but deep down in us, we all know flowers put a smile on our faces, always. The presence of flowers sparks the memory of the giver, especially when it’s a surprised one. Sending a bouquet of flowers to the important HER is a sign to show that you care about her and that she is constantly on her mind. Here are 5 gift ideas that we recommend because it is hassle free!

Angel Florist, Valentines Day, VdayPreserved Flower-Sweet Love 

Surprise her with lush flowers and gifts inspired by beauty to express your appreciation and gratitude. If buying fresh flowers are not cost effective because they do not last long, consider these preserved flowers that are 100% real flowers! Preserved flowers undergo a high technology process to retain their beauty and extend their lifespan.

Angel Florist, Valentines Day, VdayPreserved Rose-Lovely 

If she is a busy bee, preserved flowers are the perfect choice! There isn’t a need to take time out to maintain preserved flowers. Keep them away from direct sunlight, and don’t get them wet. A humid environment could reduce its lifespan, therefore, being stored in a container like a bell jar or glass display case will be the perfect environment for these flowers!

Angel Florist, Valentines Day, Vday

Preserved Roses – I Love You

Many a times we do not express our love to the people around us, especially our mothers. However, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. To tell our parents they mean a lot to us, that we are thankful to have them in our lives, Valentine’s Day is a great time to express this love without feeling too sudden or embarrassed.


Angel Florist, Valentines Day, VdayPreserved Rose-Forever Yours 

We all know what 3 roses stand for. Very simply, ‘I love you’. If you are too shy to express these 3 words, the roses are here to help. Roses are a great way to celebrate not just romance but also the passionate love we have with our best friends! A rose for each word. 3 roses are a simple yet effective way to remind someone of your commitment to them as your relationship or friendship progresses. A great surprise for any occasion, and it doesn’t have to be such a mainstream category. Who set the rules for red roses are only meant from the gentlemen to the ladies? Celebrate passionate friendships!

Angel Florist, Valentines Day, Vday, OJESHPink Beauty 

If fresh flowers are still what you love because of their beautiful scent, consider a gift box of pink roses that comes with 2019’s most popular hydration skincare (Ojesh 0.8%, 7 ampoules in a box) that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The vitalising serum with hyaluronic acid boosts the skin’s moisture content instantly.

About OJesh

The innovative lifting formula combines active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, natural firming substances and plant extracts with the effects of so-called NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) components. Together, these leave the skin feeling soft and fresh. By stabilising the moisture content via the top layer of the epidermis, they diminish fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. They also support cell activity to lastingly improve elasticity. The result is a smooth, even complexion that is a sign not only of external beauty but also of inner balance, of someone who is at peace with themselves and loves the skin they’re in.

Application of OJesh

After cleansing the skin, carefully open one ampoule and apply the contents evenly to the face, neck and lower neck, gently massaging in. Complete the care routine with a day or night cream if you wish. The ampoule treatment can be used as needed or as an intensive daily treatment for 7 days. The product is applicable for all skin type.

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We have uploaded these recommendations in our “Shop our Recommendations” category! I hope this helps to narrow some choices for you as you express your love to the people around you! On behalf of The Ladies Cue team, we would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Spend it with friends, family and if you do have a special one, make every day Valentine’s Day! Have fun!

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