Flowers is the most popular way to express your love and feelings for someone. How can we ensure that the receiver gets your intended feelings? The Ladies Cue recommends you 5 different types of flowers for your loved ones:

For Mom

Carnations are the flower that started it all by the founder of Mother’s Day. White Carnation symbolises pure and unconditional love while pink carnation symbolises a mother’s love. Both are the great choices to show your gratitude to your mom. The amazing thing is that they are able to last longer than other cut flowers!

For Wife / Girlfriends

Rosy Romance

There is no doubt that woman love roses and those beautiful rose flowers are available in plethora of shades. A dozen of red roses symbolises complete love. Roses is the most ideal choice to show your affection to your significant other.

For Sister 

Elegant Amber

There are several interpretations of the Hydrangea – such as the giver’s gratefulness; the giver’s heartfelt emotions; the recipient’s understanding or even the giver’s apology. I feel that hydrangea is best suited for your sister as the magnificent flower shows your sincere feelings towards her.

For Friends

Warmth and Love

Friends are our companion – they bring us joy, fun and laughter. Just like how the sunflowers are so vibrant that will put a smile on the receiver’s faces. Sunflower symbolises adoration, loyalty and longevity like how the friendships will be.

For Aunty

Sunny Love

Aunties play a significant role in your character development during your younger days. Don’t forget to express your love to them too! Tulips are not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; tulips is always just right. It symbolises the perfect love that aunties gave us.

Hope the above bite-sized information can help you express your heartfelt intentions accurately to your loved ones.

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