A flower’s beauty is always diminished by high prices and overwhelming options in Singapore. Occasions such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Christmas is the time when prices tend to surge. Singaporeans spend an average of $100 to $160 during these periods.

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Hand Bouquet: Sunny Love

The gesture of buying a bouquet of flowers is more than just picking something that looks nice and beautiful. Customising a bouquet to suit the receiver’s happiness as well as the event’s purpose has become more and more popular. More ladies are also buying flowers for their female friends as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Gone were the days where flowers were only meant for lovebirds to show affection from the men to the women. 

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Hand Bouquet: Fly to your heart

Here, I have gathered some tips that I had learnt from a florist at AngelFlorist who shared with me on how to buy the right flowers for the right occasion without leaving a hole in our pockets.

Hand Bouquet, Flower, Chinese New Year, Valentines' Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Florist, Angel Florist

Birthday Bouquet: Ample Treat (with cake)


1. Plan in Advance: Preorder Your Choice of Flowers

One very common mistake many make when ordering flowers online is not planning ahead. Instead, Singaporeans like to order their bouquet last minute and hope for the very best. While many florists will be able to squeeze that special delivery in, leaving the order until the last minute can increase the risk of being let down. Apart from that, an additional delivery charge will incur when florists do not have the delivery slots left for the particular day.

Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Christmas fall on weekends this year, so florists are expecting more flower purchases as couples, families and friends would be spending the weekends together. Preordering helps florists ensure that they have the right and freshest flowers for their clients. Therefore, the earlier you purchase flowers, the greater chance of availability and the price may not be marked up so greatly.

For weddings, the florist at AngelFlorist mentioned it is best for couples to plan six to nine months in advance so she can secure flowers from the suppliers. This will allow time to ensure the couple gets the freshest flowers as well as the ones that they want.

2. Florists Are Professionals

If flowers are not your best friends and you cannot decide on which ones your receiver would prefer, never just buy a bunch a random! At AngelFlorist , you can always speak to an expert and get your flowers customised. Customisation allows us to get creative and to be original!

Florists are perfectionists in putting together a beautiful and tasteful bouquet! All you have to do is provide them with information of your receiver. For instance,
– How would you describe this person?

  • What colour does he or she likes?
  • Has he or she mentioned his or her favourite flower species?
  • Does he or she likes it simple and thoughtful or a huge and loud gift?
  • Is he or she allergic to any kind of flower?

3. Go Big – Add a Gift

Sorting the right flowers may not be the only thing you need to worry about you want to do more because you can ensure the flowers are accompanied by the right gifts. It is a blessing to give and gifts do not limit to special occasions. Many of us would appreciate a gift more when given on a normal day because it becomes a surprise that is not expected!

Many may think that flowers are gift enough but if you really want to go all out, florists can add a box of chocolate, a teddy bear, skincare products or perfume!

4. Hampers Are Great Choice for Non-Flower Lovers

Successful client relationships can include numerous factors, but one of the oft-overlooked methods of showing your preferred clients that you care is to send them a gift. The selection of this present would show them that they will mean something to you. A thank-you card or phone call is nice, but it should not stop there. On special occasions such as Chinese New Year, sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner. 

About AngelFlorist

Before the brand Angelflorist was inaugurated in 2009, AngelFlorist has been providing flower services since 1999. Proudly serving Singapore and now expand to Malaysia, Hongkong. AngelFlorist is committed to offer only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, supported by a team of professional Flower Designers and Customer Service Officers. Because all of their customers are valued important, they are dedicated to make your experience a pleasant one. That is why they always go the extra mile to make your floral gift perfect.

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