As an employer, you may see your team during monthly meeting, or you could be having a close relationship with staff as you head out for lunch together. While some lady bosses place welfare and staff appreciation as priority, and other lady bosses find the importance in drawing the line between employer and employee. Your treatment leads to how others treat you. The gifts they give you, the flowers delivered to you. 

Which is the floral arrangement you like? Let’s find out which type of lady boss you are by seeing which is your preferred flowers. If you are not a lady boss, you can send your lady boss some flowers based on her personality!

Lady Boss #1: The CEO

You got to where you are today by doing things big, and you love to receive flowers that show a thought process. It does not mean that the bouquet of flowers has to cost several hundreds of dollars. You want to see if the giver has taken time and effort in selecting the choice of flowers. 

Pink roses of Just Perfect Match and Kenya Rose – Specially For You symbolize gratitude, grace and admiration. Every CEO has to put a strong front in face of any hardships or difficulties, hence they appreciate kind gestures of thoughtfulness. This affirms their self belief that they are doing a great job!



Lady Boss #2: The Cheerleader

You hear yourself saying: “Great Job!” , “I’ve got the best team in the company!” , “You guys are awesome!” You are definitely a boss that is a full-time cheerleader! You never fail to provide positive reinforcement now and again. However, every cheerleader would still need to be cheered on as well! You appreciate endless enthusiasm. An exclamation of love and gratitude is exactly what you are looking for!

Sunflowers and orange roses is the reflection of your personality – enthusiastic and passionate in everything you do. You spread positivity to the people around you!


Lady Boss #3: The Nomad

You are regularly out of your office, checking in to multiple locations and always having meetings with important clients. You are rarely at the same location for long. There are many occasions where you want to have a snack between meetings or on the road. It can be a piece of chocolate, a fruit or a musli bar. You love a beautifully arranged gift basket that has chocolates, fruits or even perfume (because there are days that you get so busy, you forget the last beauty regime!) As long as it is something that can be used on the go, it will be greatly appreciated!

The pink roses in Unrestricted Love symbolizes appreciation of the hard work you have been putting in, while the alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily) is a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Good things will come to people who work hard!

Lady Boss #4: The Free Spirit

You regale your team with whitewater rafting, adventures from your vacations. You work with a free spirit! You love enjoyment and an arrangement of seasonal flowers is exactly what you would be dying for! You want to always be reminded of being outdoors and having the freedom to enjoy everything that is out there!

The beautiful mix of vividly coloured petals on each bloom of Rainbow Sky reminds you to cherish life and be happy always!


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