The number of people working from home has jumped to its highest because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past month in Singapore, most employees have had to pack up their office desks and work from home.  Business owners connect with their staff virtually and do their best to have their businesses function as per normal. It is a trying time for everyone to adapt and get used to the new working environment.

Here, we put up a “Work from Home Checklist” for the month of May, to keep everyone on track. If you are feeling unproductive or stressed while working from home, give our tips a try!

work from home


1. Set Up Your Work Space

Based on my own experience (I started working from home since 2009), it is extremely important to have an area of your home planned out for your work. I would suggest to set the area up with comfortable furniture.  Look for a space that is quiet and has a fast, reliable and secure internet connection. This allows you to establish boundaries when you are working with those living with you in the same house.

work from home2. Stick To Your Routine

Even though it is tempting to stay in my pyjamas all day, I do my best to start my day right. To ensure I get out of my pyjamas each day, I force myself to start my day with a work-out. Having a work-out before heading to my work space pushes me to take a bath and be dressed appropriately for work. Stick closely to what you have been doing (like having breakfast before work starts) for easy adaptation and transition. 

3. Have A To-Do-List

It is extremely important to establish a clear set of priorities and goals for the day. Having a “to-do-list” (I use the app Trello)  keeps me on track to avoid procrastination and distractions. I find it extremely satisfying to cross out a job that was well-done (always give yourself some good self compliments)!

4. Communicate

Communication is key during times as such. Maintain clear and frequent texts as well as video calls.  The Ladies Cue team transited from face-to-face meetings to video conference calls. We use the screen sharing function to ensure team coordination as well as meetings with clients. You can try out tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. Our Meet & Greet has also been done on Instagram and Facebook Live as we stay connected with you, so don’t be afraid to explore new communication channels!

5. Take Breaks

There are times we forget about having a break or having our meal. When working in an office, our colleagues remind us to have our lunch the moment the clock strikes 12pm. When working from home, the one person to remind yourself is your alarm clock. Set a time on your phone. It is common to be so engrossed in our work that we forget to take a look at the time. Make sure to leave a full hour for lunch to eat properly. If there is a bit of time left after lunch, you may use it to do urgent non-work related matters!

With this work-from-home checklist, I hope it helps you to realise that you are doing a great job! Stay positive and I hope you are staying home and staying safe!

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