Preparing your home for your newborn will help you, your spouse, and your other children. Here are some questions to ask yourself during this preparation.

Bringing Home A Newborn Checklist

Newborn Baby

1. Where Will Your Newborn Sleep?

Choosing where your baby sleeps is super-personal. Newborns do not have a sense of day and night yet. They sleep around the clock because their tiny stomachs cannot hold enough breast milk or formula to keep them awake for long. Therefore they wake often to eat, and sleep no matter what time of day or night it is. Places your baby can sleep include:

  • a cot
  • a bedside cot or side-sleeper
  • a Moses basket
  • a travel cot
  • a sling
  • your bed

A mother changing her baby’s diapers

2. Where Will You Change Your Newborn’s Diapers?

When your newborn finally arrives, there will be so much love you feel for him/her. Along with this happiness, moments such as changing wet and poopy diapers cannot be neglected.

Many parents buy change tables for their homes at they find it easier on their backs. Others change their baby on a mat on the floor so their baby does not risk a fall. You can also change your baby on your bed.

Whichever method works for you best, be sure you have the following diapering essentials nearby:

  • Clean diapers
  • Clean cotton balls, washcloths, or wipes
  • A change of clothes for your baby
  • Clean diaper wraps or waterproof pants
  • Ointment to prevent and/or soothe diaper rash
  • A distraction toy
Bringing Home A Newborn Checklist

Newborn taking a bath

3. Where Will Your Newborn Take A Bath?

Bathing your baby can be a nerve-wracking task, but it does not have to be anxiety-filled. Taking a bath for your baby can be a time of bonding and a way to calm your little one. The key thing to take note of is to bathe your baby in any room that is warm, safe, and clean. This means it may not have to be in a bathroom.

You can also co-bathe with your baby as an extra opportunity for beneficial skin-on-skin contact. Keep your baby’s face away from the pouring water and make sure to use warm, not hot, water. Make sure you have everything you need before giving your baby a bath.

  • A baby cleanser
  • A baby shampoo
  • Cotton pads
  • A washcloth
  • A distraction toy
  • A towel

Whether your baby comes home from the hospital right away, arrives later, or comes through an adoption agency, the homecoming of your baby is a major event for you. We hope you are well-prepared with this checklist as you embark on your journey of parenthood!

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