Officially Launch Of The Babies Cue By The Ladies Cue On 9 May 2021, Mother’s Day.

From pregnancy to raising a toddler, this phase has become one of the most demanding and complex “jobs” today. Yet, it can be a beautiful journey filled with experiences for parents as children grow up and gain fondness from everyone around them. One of the ways to fill up this gap to becoming great parents is to be a part of a parent lifestyle community. A community can become a tremendous source of support and clarity for those feeling overwhelmed by the pressure and their children’s growing needs.

What is The Babies Cue?

The Babies Cue is a Parent Lifestyle Community across Asia (Founded in Singapore) that brings new parents trends and happenings from the journey of pre-pregnancy to toddler. There is a common understanding that it takes a village to raise a child. In this modern generation, parents express their care and concern to their babies through products and services that not only help the children’s health and skin but also the environment. Parents play a part in building sustainability alongside the love for their kids.

Why Be A Part Of The Babies Cue?

As a subsidiary of The Ladies Cue, one of the biggest benefits of a community is realizing that all parents or parents-to-be struggle with the same issues. In fact, sometimes hearing another parent’s story does help to take the pressure off the parents themselves.

Parenting communities are an excellent way for parents, especially those trying to get pregnant, first-time and inexperienced mothers, and fathers to leverage on the knowledge of other parents to improve their parenting abilities.

The Babies Cue Lifestyle Community includes website content to educate new parents with new content such as mental wellness topics, Telegram chat rooms, E-commerce devices, and group buys. Being in a community allows everyone to share and express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment. This can be therapeutic and healing for many who are undergoing stress and pressure on themselves. We welcome all parents, mummies, and daddies to join the community by following us on social media platforms!

Website: www.theladiescue.com/thebabiescue
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