In this special column named ‘The Babies Cue x Parenthood Series’ we will be showcasing the incredible stories of parents within our community. Get an exclusive glimpse into their parenting philosophies and daily routines.

Believe in the strength of the community. During those challenging moments when you feel overwhelmed or unsure, you can always rely on your fellow parents. You can seek motivation from their experiences and share your own inspiring tales to uplift others within the community.

Meet Felicia Tan (A Mother of 1 Child)

TBC x Parenthood Series: Felicia Tan & Her Son

TBC x Parenthood Series: Felicia Tan & Her Son

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am a mother of 1 and have been in the business for more than 10 years, Professionally, I am Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker.

Currently, I am running a business and my company is called Art of Life in short, AOL. My primary focus is on the individual, where I am passionate about providing education and empowerment in mainly 4 Core Areas:

1. Health & Wellness
2. Life Empowerment
3. Branding & Legacy
4. Events & Partnership

Do you know Oprah Winfrey? I am inspired in her belief and in what she does for her life. I still can recall what she said, “life journey is about learning significantly to become more of who you are and fulfilling the highest and the truest expression”.

Today I see many people lost their meaning in life and it is affecting their health over time. I’ve even asked some of them, do you have a legacy to leave behind in their life? The answer is, that I do not have one. That answer pondered me and I’ve decided to create AOL as a platform and a community to give them HOPE.

Other than founding AOL, I am also the author of 3 books and the Founder of a non-profit organisation called Angel Hearts (AH) which it gives comfort and support to the bereaved. In fact, I am a living testimony for women who have gone through pregnancy loss. That’s where I was approached by MOS Miss Sun Xueling to share my story.

Through the storm, a rainbow was born. Today I have an 8 years old adorable boy. My deepest desire is to guide and support women in need to be more confident and courageous in living a purposeful and meaningful life through my own experiences.

How many children do you have? What are his/her/their names?

I would say I have a total of 4 children. My boy, Titus Low, and three other children whom I called my angel babies, are in heaven. Previously, I had 2 miscarriages respectively, back in Nov 2011 and Oct 2012.

Dominic Low was born in Nov 2011 at 23rd gestation week. Back then, I was a graphic designer and I came across this name which I felt was very special. The name Dominic means “Belonging to God”, and I was not a Christian back then. Despite that, I still choose the name, Dominic.

Elvis & Louis Low were born in Oct 2012 at the 21st gestation week. I came up with the name Louis first and to have Elvis as I wanted both names to rhyme.

After these two incidents, Titus Low was born and today, he turned 9 years old this year. Not only he is special but also a SG50 baby.

I was reading the Bible one day and God prompted me to read the Book of Titus. After reading it, I knew God wanted me to name my next baby, Titus. However, as it is a biblical name, I was worried that my hubby would not accept it. However, a few days later, my hubby showed me a YouTube video of the watch commercial – SOLVIL ET TITUS 2012 TVC – Time is Love. I knew instantly is God showing me another way to let my hubby know… 😍

Why did you decide to have your child/children? How did you think having children would affect your life?

You can tell by now, I love children. In fact, I have always like children since I was young. It is just a matter of how many and when. Having a child, deep inside me, I can safely say, I have a complete life, a complete family that I always dream of.
TBC x Parenthood Series: Felicia Tan & Her Son

Parent Felicia Tan & Her Family

Describe your knowledge and/or experiences with children prior to becoming a parent. Did you prepare for parenting? If so, how did you prepare?

In terms of experience, I have to say, that I have only been exposed to taking care of my own nephew and niece. Preparation for parenting? No. In fact, when I had Titus, I actually did three things. Watch many YouTube videos, read many books and lastly, I go around checking with my friends who are parents themselves on how I expect to do parenting and getting all the tips to be good parents.

How and where did you learn about pregnancy and childbirth? Were your expectations and knowledge of the prenatal and birth period accurate? 

Have you seen or heard about this show before? Mommy Docs. It was a very famous television show back in 2010s. That’s where I have learned about pregnancy and childbirth including all the pregnancy complications. Back then, I didn’t know what to expect or have any knowledge of whatsoever.

Talking about expectations and knowledge, honestly, I never thought of it until I experienced it myself going through the pregnancy. Still remember, during that time, I checked with my younger sister since she had 2 younger children back then, and being a registered nurse, helps.

I learned a lot from her on this matter. I have also connected myself to other mums who had similar experiences and picked up some knowledge from them as well. Likewise, I was also exposed to many parenting portals or forums to learn from other mummies online too.

During this period of pregnancy, my objective was to learn as it goes and apply what I have learned and hope all goes well till the delivery time is up.

What has been the most meaningful part of parenting for you?

My memory was still fresh when I thought of the beautiful moments of parenting. Not only beautiful but meaningful especially when my memory is vivid when my boy reaches out to hold my hand and the sudden love evolves. Next thing I recalled, at last, I finally become a mum myself. I never thought the day would come when my deepest dream came true. I spent most of my time in the initial few years, looking at him every moment I could spare, making me feel so blessed and life fulfilling. Observing and seeing him grow from the different moments like his crawling, tossing around, milking him, and starting to walk is so precious and meaningful.

TBC x Parenthood Series: Felicia Tan & Her Son

Parent Felicia Tan

What had been the most difficult part of parenting for you?

I would say, till today I am still not sure what the right way of parenting is. I would say it is very difficult but it’s definitely worthwhile. All I can say is that parenting is very personal to each parent and only with your own child, you can feel the emotion connection with your own child. I sincerely believe every child has a different way of connecting with their parents.

For me, what I can share with other parents are these 3 things. To learn to give your unconditional love, second, always be patient, don’t rush the process, and get to know your child well. Lastly, to me is all spending your time and being there for them when they grow up is priceless.

Who inspires you to become a better parent?

I would say, it is none other than my boy himself, Titus Low. Inspiration comes from God who gave me a child despite of time and time again, going through miscarriages and finally, I am a mum.

What is your personal motto?

When there is a Will, there is a Way.

After I accepted Christ, He becomes my God. When my God says He will bless me with a child, there is no reason I don’t believe Him. Ask, you shall receive. In my case, it happened.

Parent Felicia Tan

Do you have any word of advice for other parents who are starting their own families?

Start and plan early, go for regular health check. Please do not take it for granted and be ready when it happens. Husband and wife must come to an agreement and be responsible to each other to start a family and both parents are equally important for the child development and growing up.

What do you do in your free time as self care? How do you unwind?

As a mum, and an entrepreneur, time is always a challenge. Plan, plan and plan your time well. Both, taking care of your child and pursuing your career is equally important.

Time is for us to manage, for me, I set time to take care of myself, to rest well and at the same time spend quality time with my child. For me, on a regular week, I make time to exercise with walks 2 times a week and I do pamper myself with shopping 🛍️ time each quarter and take time to have family holidays.

However on a daily basis, what makes me happy is to listen to music and to play with my son. Swimming whenever it is possible too.

What is one thing you are grateful for?

My boy, Titus Low. He is a reminder every day that if I didn’t try again, what would my life be? The best decision in my life is to have him. I am grateful to God and I believe everything is possible.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stories/feliciadesigner
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/designerfelicia

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