Head over to discover the magical world of Akoya pearls as Pearl FALCO opens its first retail store in Downtown Gallery, Singapore. Founded in 1985 by the Makito family in Ise Shima, Japan, Pearl FALCO is the first and only company from Ise Shima to bring Akoya Pearls to Singapore.

Pearl FALCO Introduces Sustainable Luxury and Festive Elegance in Singapore

Guests Browsing Around In Downtown Gallery

Establishing its presence in Singapore in 2015, Pearl FALCO initially launched the exclusive River Valley Gallery in 2019, accessible by appointment. Now, with a new retail store, Pearl FALCO welcomes walk-in visitors to explore the beauty of classic Akoya Pearls without needing an appointment.

Pearl FALCO Introduces Sustainable Luxury and Festive Elegance in Singapore

Some of the Festive Collection Pieces

Necklace from the Festive Collection Pieces

Pearl FALCO Festive Collection

In celebration of the upcoming festive season, Pearl FALCO introduces five new additions to its Festive Collection: Signature Wedding, Shizuku, Festive Classic, Festive Irodori, and Festive Variety. Each piece goes beyond traditional jewelry, representing timeless love and joy. The Festive Collection combines luxury with the joy of giving, offering designs for all ages.

Pearl Necklaces

Luxury With A Mission

Going beyond the glamour of pearls, Pearl FALCO aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the pearl farming industry due to climate change. Over 80% of Akoya pearl oysters are affected by rising ocean temperatures and extreme weather events. To address this, Pearl FALCO launched “The PEARL Plant-A-Tree Project,” a crowdfunding initiative to plant trees, support reforestation, and tackle climate change.

Maiko Makito, Co-Owner of Pearl FALCO, expresses passion for this initiative, stating, “The PEARL Plant-A-Tree Project is our way of giving back to nature, a vital part of our heritage during this festive season.”

Sustainability is at the core of Pearl FALCO’s practices, ensuring that all parts of the pearl farming operation, including non-jewelry quality pearls, oyster shells, and flesh, are repurposed for various goods.

Founder Maiko Makito Shares About Akoya Pearls

Pearl FALCO Introduces Sustainable Luxury and Festive Elegance in Singapore

Founder Maiko Makito In Front of Downtown Gallery Store

Pearl Appreciation Workshops

Driven by a profound love for pearls, Maiko Makito shares knowledge through Pearl Appreciation Workshops. The company envisions sharing this knowledge globally through workshops and seminars. The exclusive “Private Pearl Soirée” offers a personalized experience, letting guests immerse themselves in Pearl FALCO’s finest pearls. They learn about the history, agricultural background, and sustainability efforts while crafting their luxury pearl jewelry.

Stay updated with Pearl FALCO’s website and follow on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for exciting news.

About Pearl FALCO

Pearl FALCO is a renowned specialist in crafting luxury pearls especially Akoya Pearls made for it to be accessible to all. Since its establishment in 1985 in Isobe, Shima City, Japan, Pearl FALCO has consistently illuminated the world of pearl craftsmanship. In 2018, the company initiated the Pearl of Hope charity fund, dedicated to providing educational scholarships to underprivileged children throughout Asia and established the Annual Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery to bring Ise Shima to the world through exquisite jewellery designs incorporating curated Akoya pearls. In 2019, Pearl FALCO extended its reach to Singapore, inaugurating a gallery to engage with clients and share the captivating narrative of Akoya Pearls.

This year, the annual Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2023 Singapore Edition will feature 64 pearl jewellery designs from 10 countries including entries from talented Singaporean students from 16 to 25 November 2023.

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