Starting the journey to achieving a radiant smile was a commitment I made in August 2021 that continues to unfold. Seeking help from Dr Justin at Pure NZ Dental, I decided to take on the TrioClear™ alignment treatment.  If you have not caught up on the initial stages of my journey with Pure NZ Dental, you can find the details here.

TrioClear™ clear aligners

TrioClear™ clear aligners

After consultation and analysis of my teeth, Dr Justin and team devised a personalized treatment plan, where a series of TrioClear™ aligners were custom-made for my teeth. Each set of aligners was designed to address specific tooth movements at different stages of the treatment. TrioClear™ usually uses the three-step solution where they utilize soft, medium, and hard aligner trays to allow more movement per step compared to other brands.

TrioClearTM Three-Step Solution

TrioClearTM Three-Step Solution (Mine is at 3-6-9)

I wore the soft tray for 3 days, followed by the medium tray for 6 days, and eventually transitioned to the hard trays for 9 days. Subsequently, the cycle reset, and I resumed with the soft tray once again. I found that the frequent change of trays was great because I did not have to worry about stain build-ups and it ensured better oral hygiene. 

What I really loved about the aligners from TrioClear™ was that they were truly comfortable. Their clear aligners were also so discreet (just like they advertised) that many people actually did not notice that I was wearing aligners.

Periodic Check-ups at Pure NZ Dental with Dr Justin

Periodic Check-ups at Pure NZ Dental with Dr Justin

Digital Scanning for periodic checks by Dr Justin

Digital Scanning for periodic checks by Dr Justin

Throughout the treatment, I went back to Pure NZ Dental to have periodic check-ups every 3 to 4 months with Dr Justin. This was for him to monitor the progress of my teeth alignment and ensure that everything was on track. It was also to make any minor adjustments to my treatment plan when necessary, which thankfully was all smooth sailing.

Before (Jul 2021) & After (May 2022)

Before (Jul 2021) & After (May 2022)

This was how my teeth looked midway through the TrioClear™ alignment treatment. Already looking much better, and feeling more confident than before. If you are also considering teeth straightening treatments with aligners, here are some tips regarding the maintenance of these aligners: 

  1. Do not eat or drink with your aligners on.

Staining of your aligners and an increased risk of tooth decay and cavities can occur. Be sure to remove your aligners before consuming food or drinks and clean your teeth after eating or drinking.

  1. Do not chew your aligners.

This includes chewing gum too. The aligners are not designed to take pressure from chewing, so it could potentially damage your aligners. Misalignment can also occur and you will need replacements when that happens. That means additional cost! 

  1. Do not put aligners directly in your pocket. 

This poses a risk of catching bacteria. Keep your aligners close in the casing to minimize this risk.

  1. Do not smoke with aligners on.

Nicotine and tar can quickly stain them, leading to discolouration.

5. Do not brush your teeth with aligners on.

While it may seem obvious, I still feel the need to put it out here. Brushing with aligners can lead to damage and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean your aligners separately with a soft toothbrush and rinse with water.

6. Do not use mouthwash with aligners on.

On top of brushing, mouthwash can also potentially damage your aligners by causing them to dry out.

Of course, I am prepared that some of the expectant moms-to-be or nursing moms would like to check if it is safe for them to use TrioClear™ clear aligners? Glad to share that as stated in their material information, their aligners are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals and do not pose a significant risk to the patient’s health. 

Hope you find these tips helpful! Keen to check out if you are suitable to use TrioClear™ alignment treatment? Take a free assessment test http://TrioClear™ alignment

Feel free to call or book an appointment with Dr Justin as TrioClear™ is not a direct-to-consumer clear alignment solution. While you are having a consultation with Dr Justin, he will take X-Rays and impressions/ digital scans to check if you are a suitable candidate.

Alternatively, please comment or email me if you have burning questions to check.

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