1. Why I Decided to Do Teeth Alignment – Pure NZ Dental

August 2021, I took the plunge into teeth alignment for reasons that hit close to home – a journey that was not just about achieving a picture-perfect smile but a blend of practicality, confidence, and a touch of self-care.

2. Confidence in My Smile

One of the primary motivations behind opting for teeth alignment was the desire to enhance the aesthetics of my smile. Straighter teeth contribute significantly to a confident and radiant smile, which, in turn, has a positive impact on self-esteem. Feeling confident about my smile became a key driver in my decision-making process.

3. Looking Better, Feeling Better

Teeth alignment goes beyond just cosmetic enhancements; it contributes to an overall improvement in facial appearance. Straightening my teeth was not just about aesthetics; it was about feeling more comfortable in my own skin and liking what I saw in the mirror.

4. Simplifying Oral Hygiene

Who knew that having straighter teeth could make brushing and flossing a breeze? I wanted to make life easier for my toothbrush and for myself. Straight teeth meant less fuss during my oral hygiene routine.

5. No More Food Trapping Hassles

Ever had that annoying moment when food gets stuck between your teeth, and you are left discreetly trying to dislodge it? I wanted to bid farewell to those awkward encounters and enjoy my meals without the worry of bits getting stuck in hidden corners.

6. Thinking Ahead for Oral Health

Choosing teeth alignment was not just a short-term cosmetic decision but a long-term investment in my oral health. I saw it as a way to prevent potential dental issues down the road and ensure that my smile stayed healthy and happy for years to come.

7. Personal Growth

More than just aligning teeth, this journey was about personal growth and well-being. Feeling good about my smile did not just stop at appearances; it extended to how I carried myself in various aspects of life, making me a happier and more confident version of myself.

In essence, my decision to pursue teeth aligners treatment during COVID was a multifaceted one. The combination of increased self-awareness during my online meetings and live streamings, the opportunity for self-improvement amid lockdowns, and the convenience of at-home treatment options converged to create a unique and positive transformation. As the world navigated through the challenges of the pandemic, I found a silver lining in this unexpected journey towards a brighter and more confident smile.

Why Pure NZ Dental?

Pure NZ Dental

Pure NZ Dental

Pure NZ Dental waiting area

Pure NZ Dental waiting area

Pure NZ Dental Reception Area

Pure NZ Dental Reception Area

Pure NZ Dental Inspiration Stairs

Pure NZ Dental Inspiration Stairs

During my online research, what stood out to me was their impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars Google review. Many of the reviews highlighted the professionalism and kindness of the staff, the comfortable and clean clinic, and most importantly, the confidence and patience of the dentists. This provided me a sense of confidence in the professionalism and effectiveness of their dental services, which I find extremely important.

It was evident that their online presence was reputable, and heading to their website, I found it remarkably easy to navigate. The website even offered the convenience of making online bookings with specific dentists. Talk about convenience!

TrioClearTM Alignment Treatment with Dr. Justin & Team – Pure NZ Dental

TrioClearTM Alignment Treatment with Dr Justin & Team - Pure NZ Dental

TrioClearTM Alignment Treatment with Dr Justin & Team – Pure NZ Dental

I then decided to go for my first consultation with Dr. Justin Stewart, who was the principal and founder of Pure NZ Dental. He has been a dentist for over 20 years, which makes me feel at ease knowing that he is more than experienced. The decision to engage Pure NZ Dental for my teeth alignment journey was solidified during the initial consultation. The thorough examination, clear communication, and genuine interest in my concerns created a positive and trustworthy environment.

TrioClear™ Alignment Treatment

TrioClear™ Alignment Treatment Package

TrioClear™ Alignment Treatment Package

A stylish black case comes with dental chewies and dental remover

A stylish black case comes with dental chewies and dental remover

Why I pick TrioClear™ clear aligners?

I took on the TrioClear™ Alignment treatment, known for its discreet, almost invisible, and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. It also offers unparalleled convenience. Being able to take out the aligners for eating, cleaning, and special occasions provides a level of flexibility that aligns with my lifestyle preferences. I also loved its customized treatment, taking my teeth alignment issues into consideration.

TrioClear™ utilizes TrioDim Forc™ Technology by placing small indents inside the aligners, this allows us to avoid a majority of bumps or attachments, making it unnoticeable to others, and are highly recommended as their aligners are highly optimized for maximum aesthetic outcomes.

To find out more about my experience during the actual treatment, stay tuned with me.

Pure NZ Dental Website: www.purenzdental.com Dr. Justin Stewart: Dr. Justin Stewart – Pure NZ Dental

TrioClear Website: www.trioclear.com Instagram: @trioclear.sg | @trioclear.official

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