NEW Hitoyoshi Izakaya Outlet Opens In Jewel Changi Airport Delighting All With Premium Grade Sashimi And Meat.

‘Izakaya’ in Japanese literally translates to stay-drink-place and is a spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable! A Must Try for an authentic Japanese cuisine & drink experience. Savour the chef’s selection of premium Sashimi freshly flown in from Japan along with 50 flavours of Highball selection and many more guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. ($8-$9.90)

Hitoyoshi Izakaya is a new restaurant branch under the Hitoyoshi Group. It already has 3 branches: Ramen Hitoyoshi, Hitoyoshi Sushi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Yakiniku, with their own specialties displaying variations and diversity under the Hitoyoshi Group. Hitoyoshi Izakaya specializes in kebabs, sashimi, sake, and other things that would guarantee diners a unique experience of authentic Japanese cuisine in Singapore.

Look at the sumptuous dinner menu : )

Chanjya with Cream Cheese ($8)

Spicy Cod Innards served cool with Cream Cheese and Seaweed. The innards are slippery, strongly flavoured, and delicious – just the thing for a drink.

Yaki Corn Ribs ($9) 

Grilled Corn with Yuzu Miso

Sakana no Hoshi Mori ($33)

Mixed Platter of Eihire, Tatami Iwashi, Kawahagi and Fugumirin.

  • Grilled Stingray Fin
  • Grilled Sardine Sheet
  • Grilled Pufferfish

    This above pic is specially prepared in omasake single portions of Premium Sashimi Moriawase

    Premium Sashimi Moriawase ($268)

    For the sashimi lovers out there, this platter is the Chef’s selection of 9 different kinds of Premium Sashimi freshly flown in from Japan. The colours of the meat are vibrant and with clear translucency.

Teppanmono (Grilled) – Ebi Mentai Teppan ($23) 

Grilled Prawns with Mentaiko

Sushi/ Maki – Truffle Ungai Maki ($26) 

Unagi, Truffle Tamago

Agemono (Fried) ($15) 

Battered & Depp Fried Prawns with Almond

Yakimono (Yakitori) ($38)

Kushi Mori Yaki – 10 pcs

Suimono (Soup-based) ($16) 

Tempura Udon – Japanese Thick Udon Soup with Tempura Shrimp, Fish Cake & Vegetables

Unagi no Shirayaki ($35) 

Grilled Unagi Eel

Last but not least, our founder, Jenny Lee would like to share perks with our lucky readers, so we are going to have a giveaway of 2 winners x $100 Dine-in vouchers by Hitoyoshi Izakaya via our Instagram account: @theladiescue!!!

Hitoyoshi Izakaya

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hitoyoshiizakaya
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hitoyoshiizakaya

Location: Hitoyoshi Izakaya @ Jewel Changi Airport, #05-205

Getting here:

By Car →

  • Park nearer to the cinema/supermarket.

  • Take the lift at Lobby C straight up to Level 5 and you will find yourself behind Hitoyoshi Izakaya.

By Taxi/Drop off →

  • Drop off at the drop-off point near Shake Shack/Opposite T1 Drop Off Point.

  • Take the escalator on your right outside the Apple and Nike Store.

  • Take the escalator up to the 5th Floor and Hitoyoshi Izakaya would be there.


About Hitoyoshi Group

Founded in 2017, Hitoyoshi Group began with a humble Japanese Ramen restaurant in Singapore. With this success, both founders, Ray and Tan, opened up an extensive range of Japanese cuisine restaurants over the years. Both partners have worked in various top-notch Japanese restaurants and one of them has made a pilgrimage to live in Japan for years. Hitoyoshi Group is the brand owner of Ramen Hitoyoshi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Sushi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Yakiniku & Mart, and Bones ‘n Slaw. The group’s mission is to fulfill its commitment to the leading Japanese cuisine of the highest quality, bringing joy to every customer.

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