We might not know this, but the reality that the air quality in our homes are likely to be much worse than the air we breathe in when we step outside. I know it is hard to imagine that the one place where we spend most of the time working, eating and sleeping now during COVID19 is in fact where our lungs, skin and immune system are really put to the test. Even though we do spend time to ensure the cleanliness in our homes, the contaminated indoor air does create a devastating effect on our health. What can we do to purify air, reduce virus, bacteria and mosquitoes?

Catching Mosquitoes in 5 Harmless and Effective Steps

The Mosquito Catcher feature captures mosquitoes based on its behaviour. The catcher is able to reduce up to 91% of Culex mosquitoes, 73% of Aedes mosquitoes, and 72% of Houseflies.

Fighting Bacteria and Viruses including Corona Viruses

Both Sharp JM40 and JM30 air purifiers are equipped with Plasmacluster™ Technology. Invented in 2000 and exclusive to SHARP, the Plasmacluster™ Technology has been proven to fight various types of flu viruses effectively.

Skin Moisture Preservation

The Plasmacluster™ technology can provide skin-beautifying effects as well. I’ve noticed my skin conditions have improved! It is mind blowing to truly understand how indoor air can affect our skin’s condition. No matter how much skincare I have applied, having to surround myself with clean air does help create wonders.

Removing Odour and Pet Smells, and Reduce Allergens

The Plasmacluster™ Ions function as air cleaning agents that form clusters around microparticles such as airborne mould, influenza viruses and mite allergens, and render them inactive through a chemical reaction. This revolutionary process is similar to nature’s way of reversing pollution, which occurs at a much slower pace. Allowing for removal of odors from cigarette, pets, cooking and more.

The Plasmacluster™ Ions are also able to neutralize harmful VOCs and toxic gases while removing static electricity which traps dust particles and pollen, which are known to trigger allergies and cause short to long-term respiratory illnesses. Other than providing purer indoor air to users, the air purifiers have proven to be able to alleviate allergy symptoms and potential complications from being exposed to harmful air for a long time. 

SHARP Air Purifiers FP-JM40E-B and FP-JM30E-B are priced at $699 and $599 respectively.



Founded in 1912, Sharp has had a long history with its origins as a small metal workshop in Tokyo to where the multi-national company is today. The company derived its name from the invention of a mechanical pencil named the “Ever-Sharp Pencil” that took the world by storm in 1915. Since then, Sharp is dedicated to using its unique and innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of the people throughout the world.

One of its outstanding technology is the patented Plasmacluster Technology (PCI) which purifies the air by emitting highly safe positive and negative ions, similar to the ones found in nature. It disinfects and purifiers suspended airborne mould, viruses, and allergens. The benefits have been proven by official test institutions in Japan and globally.

Sharp intends to improve the individuals’ standard of living globally by offering various types of consumer products such as Audio-Visual and Communication equipment, Health and Environmental equipment and Information equipment. It has been providing a range of appliances for households such as blenders and mixers, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners to office necessities like the copier, document management systems and print solutions.

Sharp Singapore was established in 1986 to cater to the local market including marketing, sales, and servicing of Sharp products. The company intends to continually strive to serve its users based on its business creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity.


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