Swatch Club turns 30, and that calls for celebration!

The new Swatch Club Special, 30 AND TICKING, gets the party started with a bold design and packaging that plays with Swatch’s personality while winking at its illustrious past.

30 AND TICKING is dressed in the Swatch Club colors – red, black and white – from hands to buckle. Doodles that depict the Swiss watchmaker’s personality cover the straps, with some of the icons colored in red to form the numbers 3 and 0. The big 3-oh is also found on the special packaging and the inlay lists the names of some of the Swatch Club Specials that have been introduced over the past three decades.

Swatch, Anniversary, 30, Birthday, Swatch Club

Since 1990, Club members anxiously await for the release of the Swatch Club Special every year – and the result is always surprising. Blending relevant pop culture motifs with timeless designs and incredible packaging unlike any watch box ever seen before, these wristwatches are the embodiment of the Swatch personality. In the past, Swatch Club watches have been linked to sporting events, like LUCKY 7 which was presented after the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in 1998, or designed by unconventional artists such as French rapper and graffiti artist Grems who designed STREET CLUB in 2009 and Young Illustrator Award-winner Julien Pacaud who created VANISHING TIME in 2010. What all these legendary models have in common is they helped strengthen the community of Swatch lovers who can be found on nearly every continent on the planet.

Swatch, Anniversary, 30, Birthday, Swatch ClubSwatch Club is dedicated to enjoying life and sharing the pleasures of Swatch with friends through premier events organized in cultural hotspots. As a member, you can enjoy exclusive encounters with athletes, artists and celebrity friends of Swatch who have a passion for the positive provocation that characterizes the brand.

This year’s Swatch Club Special is the perfect way to celebrate a major milestone – with 30 AND TICKING combining past, present and future for a model that will be fashionable for another 30 years, and beyond.

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