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Dark spots are one of the worst nightmares any woman can have. Unfortunately, whether it is triggered by aging, UV exposure, hormonal variations, or contact with photosensitizing agents, pigmentations or dark spots are caused by the body’s increasing melanin synthesis and abnormal distribution of this pigment in the skin. With so many skincare solutions, how do we know what is required for lightening dark spots?

Lierac is here to help as they believe their products allow women to empower their beauty without having to choose between efficiency and pleasure. As such, they have launched Lumilogie and Sebologie – two new lines that are concentrated on fighting dark spots and blemishes.

Lumilogie – Targeted Dark Spot Correction

The Lumilogie line is an anti-dark spot innovation that is the first to combine a day and night intensive treatment to target three types of dark spots – emerging dark spots, visible dark spots, and stubborn dark spots. It combines a powerful trio of active spot-targeting principles. They are the Hexyl R that slows melanin production, sea daffodil that blocks melanin transfer, and plantain extract that prevents melanin clusters deep inside the skin. In as short as seven days of use, 98% of women have seen proven results.

The series includes 2 products. The Lumologie Persistent Dark Spots Depigmenting Double Concentrate ($108) consists of the day component with concentrations of Vitamin E and B3 and night component with seven hydroxy acids; both contain Hexyl R, sea daffodil, and plantain extract. For the Concentrate, it is advised that it is not for sensitive skin. Additionally,  avoid the eye contour area and to pump not more than twice;

As well as the Lumilogie Even-Tone Brightening Mask ($58) which consists of floral notes of magnolia and white musk which delivers all the goodness of Hexyl R, sea daffodil and plantain extract, papain peeling enzyme for exfoliating action, and white tea extract for anti-inflammatory properties. For the mask, it is advised to apply once a week on dry skin and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Sebologie – Targeted Blemish Correction

A potent anti-blemish treatment, Sebologie is the first skincare system to target three types of imperfections – shiny skin, dilated pores and spots and its residual marks. The Sebologie formulas include – zinc gluconate to regulate sebum secretion, purify skin and close pores, and salicylic acid to regulate cell renewal and eliminate dead skin cells. It delivers efficacy via three steps.

The Sebologie Micro-Peeling Blemish Correction Keratolytic Solution ($48) is rich with zinc gluconate, salicylic acid, keratolytic, glycolic, and lactic acid to calm and mattify combination to oily skin with a delicious scent of velvety peach, grape, and driftwood to instantly purify the skin while unclogging and tightening pores. It is advised to apply in the evening using a cotton pad to a clean, makeup-free face, avoiding the eye contour area;

The Sebologie Blemish Correction Regulating Gel ($58) is a mattifying gel with instant pore-refining effect packed with bakuchiol to inhibit sebum secretion control shine, moisturize the skin and immediately tighten pores and prebiotic to strengthen the skin defenses. It is advised to apply in the morning and/or evening to the face, alone or after the SÉBOLOGIE keratolytic solution and/or after the SÉBOLOGIE double concentrate, avoiding the eye contour area;

The Sebiologie Correction Stop Spots Concentrate ($38) is a two-phase formula that delivers efficacy as a rosy calamine powder suspension in an alcohol-based liquid containing the active ingredients. Grafted azelaic acid inhibits the proliferation of acne bacteria while calamine powder works as an antiseptic to prevent infections. The advised steps are the same as the Regulating Gel.

You can find the products at https://beautebynature.com/ or at the local store Beaute By Nature at #B1-76 Parkway Parade, Takashimaya Level 3, and Isetan Scotts Level 1.

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