Overcome hair loss with the right choice of shampoo. Small Pukong Ginger Root shampoo is purely made from dandelion, ginger root & ginger grains, and amino acid keeping your roots healthy and clean.

Are you experiencing the signs of hair loss? Are you losing more than 100-150 strands a day? Now that we are working and staying at home daily, it is important to find out how we can prevent hair loss so that we do not have to vacuum the floor 3 times a day!

A common cause for ladies to go through hair loss is stress. However, there are also many other factors such as hormonal changes, childbirth, diet changes, and health problems. Hair loss can also be the result of hair damage due to harsh chemical treatments such as hair dyes. What can we do to minimize hair loss without medication?

Solving “The Root” Of The Problem

Choosing the right shampoo can help remove oil, dirt, debris, and odors, such as smoke or sweat effectively. Keeping the sculpt clean and hair moisturized is the key to having hair growth as it is less likely to break or look dry and frizzy.

Small Pukong Ginger Root Shampoo is purely made from dandelion, ginger root & ginger grains, and amino acids keeping your roots healthy and clean. It is made from a revolutionary hair care technology to stop the diffusion and the decomposition of natural materials in the shampoo to ensure that every single pump of the shampoo is fresh for your ever delicate scalp.

Amino Acids And Their Significance For Healthy Hair

Like the rest of our body, our hair is loaded with amino acids. They’re found naturally in the form of keratin, the type of protein your hair is made of.

But keratin may be easily degraded by external factors such as environmental damage. aging, weather damage, chemical processing, genetics, and nutritional deficiencies may also impact amino acid concentration in the existing hair alone. Therefore it is important to apply hair essence daily to maintain healthy-looking hair.

Hair products that contain Amino Acids help provide hair with moisture and strength and repair surface damage. They also help build the body, add shine, leaving hair looking, and feel smooth and silky. Overall, they’re a great natural ingredient to help improve your hair health!

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