In the quest for a balanced and healthy diet, Mission Foods, renowned for being one of the world’s top wrap producers, has a new mission: to deliver the perfect blend of high protein that your body craves and low sodium that it deserves. Say hello to two exciting new additions to the Healthy Wraps Range – the Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps!

In tune with the growing trend of health-conscious choices and the rising interest in plant-based proteins, Mission Foods is thrilled to introduce wraps that align with these preferences. To support and simplify the journey towards a nutritious and balanced diet, these wholesome wraps offer a convenient way to up your protein game while keeping sodium levels in check – a dream come true for those pursuing a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Eat Healthy With Mission Foods’ New Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps

Wholemeal Protein Wraps by Mission Foods

Traditionally, we associate protein with meat and seafood, but Mission’s Wholemeal Protein Wraps, packed with plant-based proteins, open the door to an eco-friendly and protein-rich option suitable for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. A diet rich in protein supports metabolism, bone strength, and muscle growth. Incorporating these wraps into meals allows consumers to effortlessly boost their protein intake and take significant steps towards a conscious and health-focused life.

Eat Healthy With Mission Foods’ New Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps

Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps by Mission Foods

On the other hand, the Mission Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps stand out with their unique formulation, containing only 134 mg of sodium per wrap. This makes them the go-to choice for those aiming to maintain a low-sodium diet, aligning with health benefits that reduce the risks associated with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Both of these new additions boast high dietary fiber, and are free from artificial flavors and added sugar. Their soft, pliable texture and luxurious mouthfeel make them a canvas for culinary creativity – whether you want to roll, fold, tear, bake, or experiment with various recipes. Additionally, both wraps are halal certified, highlighting the brand’s commitment to inclusivity while enriching the dietary options for consumers. Get ready to embrace a healthier and more flavorful dining experience with Mission’s latest offerings!

“With the introduction of our new healthy wraps, we hope to inspire consumers to make mindful and nutritious choices while grocery shopping. These new wraps come with added health benefits, enabling individuals to align their dietary decisions with the current health trends and needs. Furthermore, we strongly advocate the inclusion of low-sodium and protein-rich options into consumer’s daily staples, by bridging the gap in available offerings with innovative, differentiated, and convenient solutions for healthier meal planning. Our vision is to empower consumers to add a healthy choice to their meals, as they discover the limitless recipe possibilities that our wraps bring to the table,” said Mr. Randall Tan, Brand Manager for Mission Foods South Asia.


Eat Healthy With Mission Foods’ New Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps

L-R: Kimchicky Wraps and Mediterranean Tuna Samosas made by @thecharlottemei;
Lemon Garlic Chicken Thigh Wraps and Chilli and Lime Prawn Soft Tacos made by @foongfamilyflat.

In celebration of the exciting launch of two new healthy wraps, Mission Foods Singapore is rolling out the #OnABalancedMission campaign. This initiative is designed to showcase how individuals can effortlessly maintain a well-balanced lifestyle through mindful eating and healthy living.

Teaming up with social media personalities who embody the #OnABalancedMission spirit, Mission Foods Singapore has partnered with Charlotte Mei (@thecharlottemei), a nutritionist and food host, and Angelina Poon (@foongfamilyflat), a home and fitness-focused influencer. Through this collaboration, these personalities are bringing to life the versatility of Mission Foods’ latest offerings – the Wholemeal Protein Wraps and Wholemeal Salt Reduced Wraps – by sharing their original and nutritious recipes. Their aim is to inspire fellow Singaporeans to embark on a journey towards healthier living.

The #OnABalancedMission campaign introduces four innovative recipes that reflect the diverse and delicious possibilities of Mission Foods’ wraps. From the probiotic-rich and flavorful Kimchicky Wraps to the unique Mediterranean Tuna Samosa using wraps as samosa shells, each recipe offers a tasty and nutritious twist. Other highlights include the Lemon Garlic Chicken Thigh Wraps, perfect for a hearty post-workout meal, and the Chilli and Lime Prawn Soft Tacos, featuring succulent prawns infused with lime and spices, topped with diced onions and tomatoes for a delightful, textured bite. These quick and healthy recipes embody Mission’s vision of redefining healthy eating and living, providing dishes that are both easy to prepare and delicious.

These wraps are now available in all leading supermarkets in the bakery aisle, so get yours now and elevate your meals for a healthier, tastier lifestyle!

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