Hey there, fellow baking enthusiast! Tired of the whole ingredient hunt and cleanup tango every time you crave some home baked goodness? Well, guess what? Home Baking Day has your back!

DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Choose from the menu whatever cake your heart desires!


DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Nicely decorated open kitchen!


DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Tablet to guide you at every turn!


Imagine a place where all your baking dreams come true without the fuss. No need to lug bags of flour or stress over washing mountains of dishes afterward. At Home Baking Day, we’ve cracked the code to baking bliss!

Hailing from Taiwan, Home Baking Day brings the cozy vibes of home baking right to your fingertips. No rigid class schedules here—just pop in whenever the baking bug bites, and let our trusty tablet guide you through a sweet journey.

In contrast to traditional baking studios in Singapore, Home Baking Day offers a unique approach. Rather than fixed class schedules, we provide guidance through a tablet interface. This means you’re free to drop by and bake whenever suits you, no need to stress about class times!

DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Many ovens to use , so no waiting!


Step into their pastel paradise, where every workstation whispers relaxation and creativity. With over 50 mouthwatering recipes to pick from—think tarts, creamy cakes, fluffy chiffons, and more—you’re spoilt for choice! Plus, each recipe comes with a handy skill level indicator, so you can find your perfect match.

Speaking of matches, ever dreamed of baking a Hojicha Tiramisu cake from scratch solo? With our tablet wizardry and step-by-step instructions, it’s totally doable! Say goodbye to daunting ingredient lists—Home Baking Day has got you covered.

DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Hojicha Tiramisu cake baked by me!


DIY Baking Studio @ Home Baking Day

Taking it back home!


I recently whipped up my very own masterpiece, and let me tell you, the feeling was unbeatable. No stress, just pure baking joy. And the best part? No cleanup drama—I simply waved goodbye to my dirty tools, knowing they’d be taken care of!

Whether you’re a newbie craving a new skill or a seasoned baker seeking some hassle-free fun, Home Baking Day is your ultimate sweet escape. So why wait? Come join the baking fiesta and let the good times roll!


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